Australians Launch Campaign to Encourage Businesses to Open Doors to Unvaccinated Customers

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As strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain in place in Australia, a new consumer advocacy group has been created to encourage businesses to open their doors to all citizens, vaccinated or not.

The group, Open for All, has created badges that businesses can display on their storefronts and websites that state “Proudly Open For All.”

“We are hearing from hundreds of people who—vaccinated or not—disagree with the idea of a ‘show your papers’ policy and the two-tier society that will surely follow,” a spokesperson from the newly-created group told The Epoch Times.

“By publicising the businesses choosing to respect medical freedom, we are giving consumers the opportunity to ‘vote with their wallet’ and support those committed to equality and inclusivity,” he said.

“With thousands of business owners across Australia preparing to decide where they stand on this issue, we must act now to preserve a fair and equal marketplace for everyone,” he asserted.

The campaign is free for businesses to join and a directory of participating entities will be launched later this month.

This comes as Deputy Premier John Barilaro of the Australian state of New South Wales said last week that businesses that do not comply with health orders will be subject to hefty fines as the state edges towards re-opening.

“There will be a poster on the front window to say the business is vaccinated,” he said, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. “We will make sure it is very visible for the public.”

“There will be significant fines for breaches,” he said. “There’s going to be a level of trust.”

Open for All, which says there is no legal basis for COVID-19 vaccine passports to enter businesses, hopes to counter Barilaro’s warning by encouraging business owners to voice their willingness to serve all customers.

“Business owners are responsible for their own decisions regarding laws or mandates if they are implemented. But the threat made by Barilaro shouldn’t intimidate business owners or prevent them speaking their minds on this issue,” the group’s spokesperson said.

“We have just seen the UK government scrap its vaccine passport plans following widespread opposition from businesses, consumers, and MPs,” he explained. “Australians have the opportunity to achieve the same here if enough of us make our voices heard.”

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