Australia’s First “Abortion Doula” Recalls Helping “Terrified” Young Woman Through Termination


These days, many expectant mothers who are more interested in natural birth or home birth often obtain a doula, that is a non-medical birthing assistant who acts as a support person during pregnancy and delivery.

However, the trend of “abortion doulas” is growing in the pro-choice movement. These are women who work with expectant mothers who want to end the life of their unborn child and assist them through the process, a very sad and twisted adulteration of the role that such an assistant can play in the process of bringing life into the world.

Jo Bolger is Australia’s first abortion doula and was recently profiled by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

She recalled her first experience of acting as a doula, when she was tasked with providing support for a “terrified” young woman in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown who was seeking a late-term abortion that required physical labor at the hospital.

“I was there to witness this young woman being totally scared. Terrified,” Bolger told ABC. This would-be mother, of course, was likely about to undergo a partial-birth abortion which involves delivering the baby that is being aborted, so it is easy enough to imagine she was very afraid of such a horrific process.

It’s heartbreaking to think of what circumstances may have led her to make this decision, ABC only says that it was to “save her life” although does not specify if her life was even at risk by the pregnancy.

“We laughed, we cried. I held her hand, rubbed her back – it was a labour. But at the end of it … her life moved forward,” Bolger said.

“She said to me … no-one would do this for me. And here you are doing it for me. And I said, ‘Hey, I got time,” he continued, describing the task of being an abortion doula as “sharing love.”

“It’s really giving as much as I can. But on their terms.”

Bolger underwent her training to be an abortion doula in a program hosted by Children by Choice, which “assists with unplanned pregnancy options – from abortion to adoption and parenting,” according to ABC.

The training was developed in partnership with the accredited Australian Doula College. Renee Adair, the founder of the former organization, told ABC that abortion doulas help clients “ask a lot of questions, feel like they have some control and really hold the space for the experience”.

During one such training session in March, Children by Choice’s Rachel Smith told the room of aspiring abortion doulas that they would be playing an important role in “reproductive justice.”

“Doulas provide services at the intersections of our most essential human rights; the right to give birth, the right to not give birth, and the right to safely parent children, the three cornerstones of reproductive justice,” she said.

The “right to not give birth,” of course, is non-existent as it inherently violates the right of an unborn child to simply live.

This is a right recognized by God, if not by the governments of Australia’s states or our own governments here in the United States.

It is tragic to think of young women being encouraged through a traumatizing abortion rather than encouraged to choose life for their baby, something which may also be difficult for her to do, but does not destroy the life of a child conceived in her womb.

There is nothing “just” about abortion, and nothing “supportive” about being an abortion doula.

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