Monday, January 25, 2021

Activist Mommy Team

Activist Mommy Team
Elizabeth is an Activist Vlogger who educates and inspires the public on the burning social and moral issues of the day that are important to families and patriots. She and her husband Patrick, who is a medical doctor, author, and movie producer, have been pro-life ministry leaders for many years and home educate their 10 beautiful children. Read more

Honduras Passes Law To Make Its Ban on Abortion Permanent, “Bulletproof”

"Every human being has the right to life from the moment of conception."

Chaos in Biden’s America: ICE Reportedly Ordered To Halt All Deportations, Release All Illegal Aliens in Custody

"Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer."

Peak Irony: Planned Parenthood Supports Biden’s 100-Day Mask Plan to “Save Lives”

Nevermind the fact that Planned Parenthood could save that many lives in little more than half the time by simply ending their practice of slaughtering and harvesting the unborn for cash.

Biden Signed 17 Executive Orders On His First Day. These Are The Worst Of Them.

Of that blitz of unilateral exercise of power, these are the orders we believe to be the most detrimental to our great nation.

Biden Accuser Tara Reade: It Was “Unspeakably Hard” to Watch The Inauguration

“I will not be silenced. Instead of talking about saving the country’s soul he should be held accountable for his actions.”

Germany Prepares Detention Centers and Refugee Camps for Repeat COVID Quarantine Violators

New policies enacted by regional authorities may see Germans who repeatedly refuse to self-quarantine after coronavirus exposure held in "detention centers," including a repurposed section of a refugee camp. According to The Telegraph, legal experts say the shocking use of detention centers is permitted by emergency powers granted to German...

Trump Affirms “National Sanctity of Human Life Day” As One Of His Final Acts As President

“On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we promise to continue speaking out for those who have no voice. We vow to celebrate and support every heroic mother who chooses life. And we resolve to defend the lives of every innocent and unborn child, each of whom can bring unbelievable love, joy, beauty, and grace into our Nation and the entire world.”

GOP Minority Leaders to Attend Pre-Inauguration Mass Alongside Joe Biden

“By his actions during the course of his public life, Mr. Biden has demonstrated that he is not in full communion with the Catholic Church.”
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Alec Baldwin “Dreams” of Trump Hanging, Still Not Deplatformed for Inciting Violence

If you're Alec Baldwin, good news! You can apparently use Twitter as an outlet to discuss your violent fantasies about the gruesome death of the president and his supporters without fear of being banned for violating the platform's policies against "hate speech" or inciting violence.

Missouri Becomes First State to Have No More Active Abortion Facilities

The atrocity of abortion is still far from over, saints, and there is still much work to be done to preserve the lives of the unborn and minister to those women who are carrying them.

Former Facebook Exec, CNN Reporter Call for OANN, Newsmax to Be Blocked From “Huge Audiences”

Free speech has been under assault for years, but it appears the dawning era may see an unprecedented attack on this fundamental value of a free republic.

Parler CEO Evacuates Home, Hides With Family Amid Ongoing Death Threats

"[Matze] reports in his declaration ... that many Parler employees are suffering harassment and hostility, fear for their safety and that of their families, and in some cases have fled their home state to escape persecution."

Pro-Life Documentary Reveals How Clinic Workers Hide Ultrasounds From Abortion-Minded Mothers

It's no wonder abortionists would do everything they can to keep women from peering into the "windows" of their wombs—they'd be out of a job!

Disney Joins a Slew of Companies Halting Donations to Republicans Who Opposed Electoral Vote Certification

"In light of these events, we have decided we will not make political contributions in 2021 to lawmakers who voted to reject the certification of the Electoral College votes."

Argentinian President: Legalizing Abortion Creates A “Better, More Equal Society”

No nation's children will be safe if we do not stand up and speak out!!

Janice Dean, Who Lost Both In-Laws Of COVID-19 In Nursing Home, Mocked By Cuomo’s Office

“Last I checked, she’s not a credible source on anything except maybe the weather."

And Just Like That, Lori Lightfoot Calls for Chicago Bars, Restaurants to Open As “Quickly As Possible”

“I feel very strongly that we are very close to a point when we should be talking about opening up our bars and restaurants,” she added.

AOC Says Committee To “Rein in” Media Under Consideration: “You Can’t Just Spew Disinformation”

"...I do think that several members of Congress, in some of my discussions, have brought up media literacy because that is a part of what happened here and we’re going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation."

Parler Registers With New Web Host After Being Banned From Amazon Servers

"We will be back up eventually because we're not going to give up."

Attorney for PBS Wants “Re-Education Camps” for GOP Children, Glad About COVID Spikes In “Red States”

"Americans are so f****** dumb. You know, most people are dumb. It’s good to live in a place [Washington, D.C.] where people are educated and know stuff. Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or cities where everybody's just stupid?"

Sacha Baron Cohen Called on YouTube to Ban President Trump: “Do The Right Thing”

"Trump's YouTube channel is STILL showing videos of his election lies to MILLIONS of people!"

ACLU and Officials in Germany and France Oppose Banning Trump From Social Media

"The chancellor sees the complete closing down of the account of an elected president as problematic."

Biden’s Secretary of Education Pick Wants To Make College “Free”

This is exactly what we warned against before hitting the polls back in November, folks. Pray for this nation!!

NY Gov. Cuomo Hit With Pushback After Changing His Tune On Lockdowns

"Weird it's almost like the President was saying this the entire time. Did you finally switch to a medication that makes you less insane?"