Thursday, June 8, 2023



The Christian Post Restored to Twitter After Refusing to Delete Tweet “Calling A Man A Man”

“Thanks to the free speech doctrine held by @elonmusk, our account has been reinstated, and we will continue speaking biblical truth, never in hate, always in love, and always to inform our readers to the best of our abilities."

Louisiana Now Requires ID to Log On to Pornography Websites

But what is being done to prevent users from uploading videos of children or adult assault victims?

Father Arrested for Taking A Stand Against “Moral Decay” at School Board Meeting is Vindicated by Judge

“Despite this victory, I have serious concerns about where we are as a country. We’ve been subverted by a darkness that is spilling out in rot at all levels and in both political parties."

Florida’s DeSantis Admin Probes “Sexually Explicit” Holiday Drag Show That Permitted Minors

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration has launched an investigation into a holiday drag show in Ft. Lauderdale that allegedly displayed sexual content to children. The show, “A Drag Queen Christmas,” was held at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and according to multiple complaints received by the administration, was...

Former President Trump Says Republicans Face “Doom” If They Refuse Exceptions to Abortion

"If you don’t have the three exceptions, you’re destined to doom.”

Married Pastor and Father Charged Over Sexual Affair With Teen Counselee on Church Premises

This is why we will never shy away from calling out abuse in the church here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries. We’d love to have you on our side.

Drag Star Miz Cracker Declares “F**ck Family,” Issues Call to “Kick Down Traditional Family Values”

“I think any opportunity that we have to kick down traditional family values is welcomed,” Heller told the LGBT outlet Pink News in an interview. “The way of thinking about family is old and tired and we need to reinvent it.”

UW Ordered to Release Years of Records on Aborted Fetal Tissue, Organ Sales as Daleiden Wins Lawsuit

"These are public records of a taxpayer-funded program, and this settlement secures Mr. Daleiden's rights to the documents he needs as a citizen journalist.”

CA School Board Pres. Resigns After Teens Offered Booze at His Home During Raunchy Christmas Party

A Los Angeles County school board president has resigned after being slammed by horrified parents whose students were offered booze, subject to inappropriate comments, and forced to rub elbows with half-naked adult entertainers at his personal residence. Steven Llanusa invited a high school choir to perform at his Christmas party...

VA School Superintendent Indicted for Covering Up Campus Rape Amid Trans Bathroom Controversy

“Two young girls were sexually assaulted. The second assault could have been prevented."

Drag Queen Invited to White House Once Tweeted “Kids Are Out to…Suck D!”

“I love doing Drag Story Hour. Despite what conservatives say, this family friend event is a way to spread joy, teach acceptance & love."

PA Schoolchildren Taken to Play Featuring Drag Queen Without Notifying Parents

Groups of Pennsylvania school children have reportedly been taken to a pantomime play that starred a drag performer without permission from parents, who were only made aware of the general details of the field trip to the performance. According to the blog Broad and Liberty, several school districts in Chester...

Analyst Exposes Failures By Twitter’s Previous Management to Confront Child P*rn

“I found that old Twitter, in many cases related to child sexual abuse material published on the platform by malicious users, instead of suspending the whole account, just removed the tweet. Now Twitter, under Elon Musk’s leadership, directly suspends the accounts."

President Biden Ties “Cynical” Laws Banning Trans Treatments for Kids to “Transphobia,” “Antisemitism”

“Folks, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia — they’re all connected.  But the antidote to hate is love."

Maryland Teacher Gloats on TikTok That Taxes Are Used to Pay Her to “Indoctrinate” Kids

If you appreciate the work we are doing for faith, family, and freedom, please consider a small donation to help us continue. Thank you so much!

Twitter’s Former Head of Trust Once Argued for Minors Using Gay Dating App Grindr

“Looks like Yoel is arguing in favor of children being able to access adult Internet services in his Ph.D. thesis."

VIDEO: High School Dean Brags About Handing Out Sex Toys, Discussing “Queer” Sex With Students

“The school statement argued that ‘Veritas deceptively edited the video with malicious intent,’ though it did not provide CP with specific examples of how Bruno was taken out of context.”

 “I Was Used” Retired Navy SEAL Says CNN Exploited Him for Transgender Propaganda

"I’m gonna live with this my whole life. I destroyed my life ten years ago.”

Military Comes After Mother Who Complained About “Polysexual” Posters at Child’s Elementary School

"The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community."

Kirk Cameron Denied Story Hour for Faith-Inspired Book by Libraries Hosting Drag Queen Events

"We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align."

American Girl Book for Girls Aged 8-12 Promotes Gender Transitions Without Parental Consent

“If you don’t have an adult you trust, there are organizations across the country that can help you."

Report: Pro-Abortion Terrorist Group Jane’s Revenge Threatens Mass Shooting Against Catholic Group

The shocking note was signed “Jane’s Revenge” and was found by the Students for Life’s team over the weekend as they arrived at the facility ahead of the meeting.

Priests for Life Holds Day of Mourning for Baby Killed By Abortion NPR Recorded and Aired

“Shame on you, NPR, for airing the brutal murder of a Baby in the womb."