Tuesday, December 7, 2021



26 State School Board Orgs Have Distanced Themselves From Nat’l Group That Branded Parents “Domestic Terrorists”

More than two dozen board associations, however, many of whom were not consulted before the letter was sent out, thought the letter went entirely too far.

Pastor Killed in Uganda After He Refused to Move His Church From Location Near Mosque

"The pastor didn’t honor Allah by refusing to demolish the church which was close to the mosque, along with his activities of winning their members to Christianity."

Dr. Fauci: COVID-19 Booster Is “Essential” to Prevent Hospitalization Due to Vaccine’s “Waning Immunity”

“It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”

Professor Specializing in Parenting, Positive Psychology Accused of Beating Wife While Son Was Locked In Dog Crate

According to his faculty bio, Froiland "studies parental autonomy and relatedness support, parent involvement from preschool to high school, teacher-student relationships, intrinsic motivation to learn, student engagement, happiness, and positive psychology interventions.”

Mom Refused to Abort Baby With Spina Bifida. After In Utero Surgery, Little Girl Is Now Running and Playing

“We can’t believe how well she’s doing given her prognosis; we could never have imagined that she would be how she is now.”

A Broadway Star Who Says He Fired From Show Over His Christian Faith Is Fighting Back

“The show has an important message of accepting all who come to your door regardless of what they believe. The problem is that it did not apply to me when it should have.”

The U.S. Is One of the Only Western Nations Still Recommending Kids Wear Masks At School

“There’s little evidence they serve a public health good, particularly among vaccinated children, and with other alternatives at hand. Psychologically, they’ve done far more harm than good."

As Afghanistan Crumbles Following U.S. Withdrawal, Families Are Selling Their Young Daughters Into Sex Slavery

“My father has sold me because we don’t have bread, rice, and flour,” the little girl told CNN. “He has sold me to an old man.”

A Canadian Court Might Force Doctors to Hand Over Medical Records to Justify Vaccine Exemptions

The legal filing is set to be heard in January, and seeks to force the doctors to produce medical charts, confidential patient information, and even allow investigators entry into their professional offices so they can reproduce or remove “necessary documents."

Fairfax County Parents Outraged Over School Survey on Kids’ Sexual Activity, Gender Identity

“Is it the school’s role to know whether our children are sexually active, how many partners they’ve had?”

Pablo Escobar’s “Cocaine Hippos” Recognized As Persons, Unborn Babies Still Denied Same Rights

“Sadly, preborn humans are not granted the same legal status as Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos in U.S. federal court."

Meet the NIH Doctor Who Opposes Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, Won’t Take the Jab Himself

“I do vaccine trials. I, in fact, help create vaccines. Part of my career is to share my expert opinions, right or wrong.…I mean, if they all end up saying I’m wrong, that’s fine. I want to have the discussion.”

Biden Approval Rating Tanks to Record Lows, But You Wouldn’t Know It From Watching the News  

“Brand new poll from USA Today and Suffolk puts his approval rating at 38 percent. It’s the lowest rating of any modern president history in history, except as they note, the former president Donald Trump."

Vermont Becomes the First State to Require Schools to Provide Free Condoms to Middle Schoolers

"the reality is that when you encourage sexual activity among young kids, and treat it as normal and acceptable for 12-year-olds to be engaging in sexual activity, you are creating an atmosphere that will lead to more sexual activity and more unintended pregnancies.”

Arizona School Board Member Caught Compiling Detailed Dossier of Anti-CRT Parents

"When I first saw the contents of the Google Drive and I saw my 8- and 10-year-old's photos, that was terrifying. And like, what's he doing?"

Assistant Professor Says We Need to Destigmatize Pedophilia In Order to Protect Children

"I think we have a tendency to want to categorize people with these attractions as evil or morally corrupt. But when we're talking about non-offending MAPS, these are people who have an attraction that they didn't ask for. And one that frequently they would give anything to change. But they find that they're unable to change those attractions."

SNL Skit Featuring Clown Arguing for Abortion Rights Receives Praise From Progressives, Shock From Pro-Life Community

"Nothing says 'funny' like joking about killing the unborn. Epic fail."

Columbia University Faculty, Students Could Face Discipline for Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns

"You don’t want to inadvertently refer to someone by the wrong gender; even unintentional errors can create challenges for students in the learning environment. Be cognizant of the pronouns a student uses and always try to use them."

Mom Who Exposed Pedophilia in Son’s School Library Book Now Reportedly Banned From School Library

The Langton family, meanwhile, has faced death threats over her decision to draw attention to the inappropriate material to the school board.

The Wisconsin DOJ Says It’s Received 180 Reports of Abuse By Faith Leaders

The state DOJ received reports from every single Catholic diocese in Wisconsin. The Catholic Church has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years over widespread allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy as well as the manner in which the church responds to such allegations.

At Least 60 Christians Kidnapped, One Dead After Armed Gunman Storm Nigerian Church Service

Nigeria is ranked ninth on Open Door’s World Watch List of the most difficult nations in the world for Christians to live.

CNN Airs Town Hall With Sesame Street to Promote Children’s COVID-19 Vaccination

Gupta seals the deal for Granny Big Bird, however, when he tells her that children can still spread the virus — even to their grandmothers — and so she resolves to get Big Bird, who is six, vaccinated.

Pole Dancing Instructor Who Offers Classes to Children Is Married to Registered Child Sex Offender

“4W - Feminist News uncovered more to the story. Namely that the owner of Tiff’s Pole Fitness, Tiffany Huebner, married a child sex offender."