Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill Banning Planned Parenthood From Providing Sex Ed Programs to Schools

Many Americans may not realize that Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, also has extensive influence in the public school system by way of providing sexual education curricula heavily favoring their ideological agenda.

GOP-Controlled Florida State Senate Stalls On Bill Aimed At Protecting Women and Girls’ Sports

"In a time-limited environment, I don’t know that we will have sufficient time to revisit SB 2012 this session.”

Argentinian Pro-Choice Party Activist Becomes First Mother to Die After Legal Abortion Procedure

“Until a few months ago, [abortion] was a criminal act in Argentine law.”

Biden Admin Lifts Ban On Aborted Fetal Tissue In Taxpayer-Funded Research

Unborn children should not be systematically murdered in the womb for any reason. That we harvest their remains to use as supplies in medical labs makes such a practice no less immoral, no matter how many people it might help

ICYMI: The Pentagon Has Developed A COVID-19 Detecting Microchip

“We can have that information in three to five minutes,” Hepburn said of the technology. “It’s like a ‘check engine’ light. As you truncate that time — as you diagnose and treat — what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.”

First Certified Drag Queen Candidate for Illinois Methodist Ministry Gives Sermon on “Drag Sunday”

Simmons’ drag character, Ms. Penny Cost is a “1960s church lady” who Simmons told the RNS “allows people to think about the ideas they have of a stereotypical churchgoer.”

REPORT: U.S. Government Has Been Purchasing “Fresh” Aborted Fetal Remains

That the federal government appears to have been exposed in partaking of a practice that rightly causes massive outcry from the public as abortion alone remains one of the most hotly-contested moral issues of our time is highly concerning at best. 

Scientists Successfully Grow Monkey Embryos Containing Human Cells

"Should it be regulated as human because it has a significant proportion of human cells in it? Or should it be regulated just as an animal? Or something else?"

Planned Parenthood Announces New Members of Clergy Advisory Board Who Support “Reproductive Rights As a Matter of Faith”

“The Clergy Advocacy Board is a crucial part of our mission at Planned Parenthood to promote, protect and expand access to health care for all … Planned Parenthood is proud to have religious leaders of all faiths standing with us in this fight."

Texas Bill Proposes to Designate Gender Identity-Affirming Treatments As Child Abuse

“Children are unable to give informed consent. This bill gives children a chance to get to adulthood with intact bodies."

Congressional Democrats Introduce Bill to Increase Number of Justices On SCOTUS

The balance of justices on the high court is an important political issue for many, as many await a SCOTUS ruling on several of today's most controversial and confusing constitutional issues, such as the right to life, religious freedom, and the Second Amendment.

Parent Is Suing the State of New York to Marry Their Own Adult Child

“Through the enduring bond of marriage, two persons, whatever relationship they might otherwise have with one another, can find a greater level of expression, intimacy and spirituality,” the Manhattan federal court claim argues.

Over 30 States Considering Bills to Protect Women and Girls’ Sports

Opponents say the measures discriminate against LGBT individuals, while those in support argue that it is necessary to restrict athletic programs strictly to biological females to maintain fair competition and keep participants safe.

PTA Meeting Discusses When Teachers May Not Need Parental Consent to Affirm Child’s Gender Identity

“And I know that gets to be very ah… the lines kind of get confusing and blurred because you are like ok, so what is the responsibility, what is a liability of the school, etc., etc.. however, there are resources that you all are able to provide by the student, and I think that at a point then you can’t say, ok, well I am going to give you advice, and I am going to do this, or this or this.. right?”

TX Gov. Abbot Says Migrant Children Sexually Abused, “Health and Safety Nightmare” At Texas Facility

"The Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children."

North Carolina Bill Seeks to Ban Gender Transitions for Minors Under 21

“Senate Bill 514 would also compel state employees to immediately notify parents in writing if their child displays ‘gender nonconformity’ or expresses a desire to be treated in a way that is incompatible with the gender they were assigned at birth."

SCOTUS Rules California Cannot Restrict In-Home Religious Services

“California treats some comparable secular activities more favorably than at-home religious exercise, permitting hair salons, retail stores, personal care services, movie theaters, private suites at sporting events and concerts and indoor restaurants."

Man Who Identifies As A Woman Determined to Become A Nun, Live In A Convent

“I have always felt like a woman and I was raised very religiously, especially by my mother. All my life I want to go to the monastery. As a man I have had a tough life, now I want peace."

CA Female Prisoners Fear Being Housed With Transgender Inmates Under New Law

Inmates at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla say guards are warning them to expect sexual violence, according to the Los Angeles Times.

China Announces Campaign to Stamp Out “Illegal Social Organizations” Including House Churches

Our Christian brothers and sisters in China face incredible odds when they try to live out their faith in peace. We stand with them and perpetually keep them in our prayers.

Judge Sides With Campus Christian Organization Punished for Requiring Leaders Agree With Statement of Faith

“No religious group can constitutionally be made an outsider, excluded from equal access to public or university life, simply because it insists on religious leaders who believe in its cause,” the ruling stated.

Texas Gov. Abbot Bans Publicly Funded Agencies From Requiring COVID Passport

The order also expressly notes that “the Constitution does not empower the federal government to mandate nationwide vaccine passports for COVID-19, and Texas will not impose such vaccine passports with the police power that is reserved to the states under our system of federalism.”

Biden Secretary of State Dismantles Trump-Era Commission Promoting Religious Freedom Globally

“At my confirmation hearing, I promised that the Biden-Harris administration would repudiate those unbalanced views [of the previous administration],” he said. “We do so decisively today.”

Planned Parenthood Sent A List of 13 Pro-Life Activists to Police Ahead of March for Life West Texas Event

“This was an intelligence report produced by Planned Parenthood targeting innocent people, with what goal in mind, other than to create suspicion and doubt within the Lubbock community by demonizing its citizens, we really do not know or understand. The very format, with photo, date of birth and name suggests someone who ought to be, sorry chief, watched.”