Tuesday, December 7, 2021



Boston U Professor Urged To Resign After Comparing Amy Coney Barrett to “Colonizers” For Adopting Children From Haiti

A Boston University professor slammed President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett as a “white colonizer” who uses her children, adopted from Haiti, as “props.” “Some White colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children,” tweeted Ibram X. Kendi on Saturday, according to the New York Post. “They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in...

Sen. Hawley Vows To Only Confirm “Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life” SCOTUS Justice

“Now it’s time to do it: no more stealth nominees, no more secret moderates. We need a strong, tough, conservative. Someone who understands that Roe, for instance, was wrongly decided. Someone who is going to stand up for the Second Amendment for religious liberty. It’s time to put that kind of a person on the bench.”

Fed Sues Kroger For Firing Staff Who Wouldn’t Wear LGBT Pride Aprons

“The EEOC protects the rights of the LGBTQ community, but it also protects the rights of religious people.”

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Fundraising for Pro-Communist Chinese Party Org

Alicia Garza, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter who was named by a cohort as a "trained Marxist," appears to be openly fundraising for a group with open affiliations with the Chinese Communist Party. As we've reported in the past, Patrisse Cullors, another co-founder of Black Lives Matter, made the...

MSNBC Host Mocks Black Pro-Lifers, Calls RNC “Modern-Day Minstrel Show”

"And so, any black Americans who dare to speak in favor of President Trump must be mocked and discredited by all means necessary. And if that includes resorting to the most debased racial stereotypes, so be it — at least in the minds of such as Tiffany Cross."

Pro-Life Activist Paints “Baby Lives Matter” Outside Charlotte Planned Parenthood

“I thought I would bring awareness to one of the biggest human rights crises that nobody wants to talk about.”

Survey Shows 30% Of Professing Christians Don’t Believe That Jesus Was God

"As the culture around us increasingly abandons its moral compass, professing evangelicals are sadly drifting away from God's absolute standard in Scripture."

Biden Panders to Muslims at Extremist-Linked Online Summit, Vows to End Nonexistent “Muslim Ban”

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has extended his hand to potential voters within the Muslim community, reverently quoting the religion's slave-owning founder and vowing to end President Trump's inaccurately-labeled "Muslim ban" on international travel. According to the Associated Press, Biden made his remarks at the virtual “Million Muslim Votes...

“Blacks Are Cursed” The Truth Of What The NY Church Harassed By BLM Protesters Was Actually Teaching About Race

We at Activist Mommy wish to take an active, vocal stand against leftism and racism, two dangerous and harmful ideologies that are ripping this nation apart. We are not ashamed to stand alone in saying that Grace Baptist is not a Christian church.

As Homeschool Rises In Popularity, Some Public Schools Reportedly Make It Harder to Withdraw Students

"For public schools, a lot of money is involved in losing students."

Yup, It’s Happening. Poll Shows Many US Families Now Considering Sticking With Homeschooling.

Whether you can't wait to get back into the dropoff line or you're now knee-deep in homeschool curriculum research, it's always worthwhile to take a look at your child's education and consider the values and philosophy with which they are being educated in addition to the material and methods. 

Yet Again, Abortion Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019

Until we stop this genocide, there can be no giving the impression that we live in civilized, free nations. 

J.K. Rowling Bashed for “Transphobic” Tweet. She’s Standing Her Ground.

Let's pause and remember that this is a response to someone saying that you shouldn't be fired for saying men can't become women.

Are Homeschool Moms the New American Revolutionaries?

"The leaders of the revolution are America’s homeschooling mothers. They’re the ones at the forefront of this change, and I would strongly encourage people to pull their kids out of government schools and to homeschool their children.”

Pediatrician Who Gives Free Ultrasounds to Abortion-Minded Women Called “Cruel, Inhumane” By Feminists

“What I am proudest of as a doctor is having helped many women to become mothers when they were on the point of aborting,” she wrote in a tweet last week (translated from Spanish). “Yes, I have worked for a project aimed at defending the right to life and dignity of all human beings. And I will continue doing it wherever I am.”

PayPal Cuts Off Payment Processing for Major Porn Site PornHub

The porn industry is a harmful and dangerous billion-dollar industry that directly drives the human sex trade epidemic. While the progressive left whines about microaggressions and arbitrary limitations on their access to abortion, women and children are being exploited like animals for the sick pleasures of porn addicts, many...

7-Year-Old Texas Boy At Center of Court Battle Over Gender Transition Has Opted to Attend School as Male

James has been spared because of people like you and me being willing to stand up and say ‘no more!’ Our voices were heard and it was impactful.

WATCH: Planned Parenthood Exec Refuses To Address Using “Less Crunchy” Abortion Methods To Harvest Organs

It never ceases to amaze that Planned Parenthood executives have been caught on video breaking several federal laws, and yet the journalist who exposed them is the one on trial.  Please continue to pray for David Daleiden and his associates, and plead that the Lord would allow justice to prevail in this case!

Mother of Britian’s Youngest Transgender Child Speaks About the “Transition” Beginning At Age 3

Just this month, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) psychologists stated that children are being allowed to “transition” at far too young an age—as if there is ever an appropriate day to allow children to live as the opposite sex. Although the NHS argues that early transitioning “could do long-term harm,” thousands of parents are still allowing their children to live in delusion with the help and encouragement of reckless and irresponsible “support” groups such as Mermaids. 

California Parents Calling For “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” And Rally At Legislators’ Offices

According to a press release from Alliance To Protect Children (ATPC), these mama and papa bears plan to deliver “a strong message of outrage to those legislators who voted in favor of AB 329, and to those who have failed to support them in protecting their children and restoring their parental rights” with a “SeXXX Ed Sit Out” and rally. On Thursday September 19, participating families will not send their kids to school that day but will instead “sit out” and protest California’s vile new Comprehensive Sexuality Education program.

Illinois State House Passes Nation’s Most Radical Pro-Abortion Legislation Yet

It’s not too late. We can be the generation that puts an end to abortion!

Alabama Public Television Refuses to Air Gay Wedding Episode of “Arthur”

The point of show like this is precisely to indoctrinate, not educate or entertain.

Nabisco Uses Drag Queen to Push Cookies on Mother’s Day

Once more, the LGBT agenda is degrading real women and giving biological men honors and privileges they simply don’t deserve.

California Expected to Pass Bill Placing Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number On Children’s School IDs

Would we allow alcohol or tobacco companies to advertise in schools?