Tuesday, May 18, 2021



SELF Magazine on How to Relax During an Abortion, Complete With Playlist Recommendations

This is one long self-justification for one of the most grievous crimes against humanity imaginable, one that has taken the lives of over 60 million children and caused irreparable spiritual and psychological damage to countless women. 

Intact Man Who Claimed to Be Transgender Put in Women’s Prison. Guess What Happened IMMEDIATELY.

How can so many people be so afraid of offending anyone that they'll ignore reality to the point of believing a prison inmate when he claims to be a woman? 

American Library Association Endorses “Drag Queen Story Time” Events Across US

Just consider for a moment if there were "Bible story time" at a public library anywhere in the US? 

Planet Fitness’ “Judgement Free” Policies Invoked By Man Who Was Kicked Out for Nudity

Sometimes judgment can be a very good thing! 

Notoriously Progressive Catholic Priest Says Some Saints Were “Probably Gay”

Test your leaders and test the spirits--true biblical morality can only ever be based on the Holy Word of God. 

GOP Passes Bill That Protects Adoption Agencies From Being to Place Children With Same-Sex Couples

Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama said the amendment addresses "two serious problems currently facing our nation."

Small-Town Vice Mayor Refuses to Step Down After Declaring July “Straight Pride Month” in Column

We need more Mayor Hickmans to turn the narrative on its head and defiantly refuse to let our liberties be stripped away by the groupthink that is Cultural Marxism. 

New York Pride Parade Features “Thank God for Abortion” Float

Trust me...He is definitely not who you need to thank for abortion. 

Vulgar Comedienne Michelle Wolf: “God Bless Abortion”

I don't know about you...but I can't even.

Canadian Parents Fight for Right to Be Informed of Child’s GSA Membership

It is crazy that this is something parents even need to fight for. 

Christian Bakers Who Lost Their Business After Refusing to Bake a Cake Weigh In on Recent Supreme Court Decision

Aaron and Melissa Klein are two of the people who can best relate to Jack Phillips, the man who recently won his first, and most significant, battle against a state that sought to prioritize anti-discrimination laws over his First Amendment religious liberty.

London Fashion Show Features “Pregnant” Male Models

The philosophy of transgenderism is one that ultimately breaks down the barriers of all reality. Which makes sense, considering it's a philosophy that isn't based in reality at all. 

CrossFit Exec Fired After Taking Bold Stance on LGBT Pride Month

The mainstream culture of our nation is quickly becoming one that favors the free speech of one group and systematically punishes the speech of others. 

Trump Slashes Obama-Era Transgender Prisoner Policies

You might be surprised to know that President Trump, in his position as president of the United States, just had to enact a policy that assigned federal prisoners to facilities based on their biological gender. 

Activist Mommy Accuses CA Assemblyman Evan Low of Lying. He Reponds–With More Lying

A number of legal organizations have denounced the bill for what they say does, in fact, pose a serious risk to the First Amendment, which Low is clearly covering up. 

DC Freedom March Celebrates Powerful Testimonies Of Former Homosexuals and Calls For End To Censorship

Over the weekend, former homosexuals and transsexuals marched in Washington DC to celebrate the great work Christ has done in their lives as they find freedom from their pasts and redemption and peace in His love. 

Student Organizes School Walkout to Protest Abortion

High school students across the country have been quite obedient over the last few weeks to the direction of the mainstream media, left-leaning teachers, and parents who support their right to march against whatever is politically expedient for the gun-grabbing agenda. 

Mic Drop: Florida Sheriff Has Perfect Solution to End Mass Shootings in Schools

Perhaps Second Amendment patriots are finally sick of hearing calls for empty solutions like "gun control" "assault weapons ban" and anything else that would only make victims of the law-abiding and empower criminals. 

Ohio Parents Lose Custody of Their “Transgender” Daughter Due to Objections to Hormone Treatment

Day after day, we hear awful stories of how young children are being indoctrinated with the lies of the transgender movement. More and more doctors, teachers, therapists, and other adults who are supposed to care for and educate young people are confusing and exploiting them with the ideology of their own twisted agenda. 

South Dakota Considers Banning Gender Insanity From Classrooms for Good

It’s about time for some good news on the education front, isn’t it? These days, most of the news we hear about our nation's school is how vulgar and unnecessarily graphic sex ed lessons have become, or just how hard leftists push to make sure children as young as 5...

Planned Parenthood: Nothing Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” Like Vagina Cupcakes

Because vagina hats and costumes worked out so well for the notorious Women's Marchers, Planned Parenthood has decided to continue the theme by urging abortion-supporting single unmarried women everywhere to make vaginas a part of Valentine's Day, too. 

Ohio ‘Fairness Act’ Isn’t Fair to Anyone But the LGBTQ Community

There is a consistent trend in our culture and political arena of something called cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is the practice of "redistributing" cultural predominance, essentially, by punishing those who once dominated the culture (American citizens, Christians, etc.) and favoring those who were once on the outskirts of the culture (homosexuals,...

Gay Men Engage In Public Sex on Heels of Australian Vote for Same Sex Marriage

Whoever said that allowing the gay agenda to take center stage wouldn't bring about a moral decay in our culture should be eating their words right about now. 

Male Rapist Who Claims to Be Female May Be Transferred to Women’s Prison

This is the prison inmate version of what will happen if we allow people to use whichever bathroom they like, and one seriously good argument for why we cannot, as a society, allow men to simply decide they are women.