AWESOME: Landlord Surprises Struggling Family With Groceries When They Couldn’t Afford To Pay Rent


Here’s a story that’s sure to put a smile on your face. As millions of Americans have been laid off or furloughed from their jobs since the beginning of March, some are looking for ways to make life a little less burdensome for others.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, one landlord in South Portland, Maine has decided that he will not be collecting rent from his tenants for the month of April. Landlord Nathan Nichols acknowledged his financial security and decided to help his less fortunate tenants by giving them a financial break.

Earlier last month, Nichols took to Facebook to encourage other landlords to evaluate their financial situations and if they are able, to consider giving their own tenants a break while we all struggle to get through this uncertain time. He wrote:

“COVID19 is going to cause serious financial hardship for service and hourly workers around the country. I own a two unit in South Portland and all of my tenants are in this category. Because I have the good fortune of being able to afford it and the privilege of being in the owner class, I just let them know I would not be collecting rent in April. I ask any other landlords out there to take a serious look at your own situation and consider giving your tenants some rent relief as well.”

Now it looks like other landlords are heeding his call. A landlord in Saginaw, Michigan known as Alan not only gave his tenant Christina a pass on April’s rent but he surprised her and her four children with a generous delivery of groceries and other essential items like diapers.

Christina expressed her shock and gratitude on Facebook saying she was “so touched” that Alan would do that for her and her family.

What a blessing it is to be a blessing! How awesome that these landlords have gone above and beyond to provide their tenants with a bit more financial stability and perhaps even peace of mind during these uncertain times.   

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