AZ Police Officer Adopts Little Girl He Rescued On A Child Abuse Call


An Arizona police officer went above and beyond his mere duty to rescue a young girl who was being violently abused—he gave her a forever home.

According to ABC 11, Kingman Police Department lieutenant Brian Zach was working a late shift as a patrol sergeant when he was called to check on a home back in 2017. There, he found Kaila and immediately sensed that the precious little girl was in danger.

“I went there and realized that her injuries were definitely abuse and they needed to be investigated,” Zach told the outlet. “I took care of her, took her back to the station … We watched ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ and we just bonded.”

Zach told ABC 11 that he found Kaila badly injured, adding that this was the third time reports of the little girl’s abuse had been made to Kingman PD.

A father of two older children at the time, Zach said he couldn’t stop thinking about little Kaila and her dire circumstances.

“When I came home that night, I told my wife about this little adorable girl that we got to meet and I wanted to just bring her home,” he explained.

Not long after, Child Protective Services needed to find a temporary home for Kaila, and the Zachs jumped at the chance to give the little girl a home and show her how she deserves to be treated.

“We gave her love and care and not knowing when she would go back—if at all. And we just took each day at a time,” Zach said of the beginnings of Kaila’s stay in their home as their foster child.

Slowly but surely, Kaila’s stay with the Zachs stretched from days to months, then from months to years. Finally, in August, the Zachs were able to begin the process of adopting Kaila as their own daughter. Now, the adoption has been finalized and Kaila gets to spend her first Christmas as Kaila Zach.

“The best thing to come out of 2020 is the fact that we gained an official member of our family,” Zach told the outlet. “That was my Christmas present.”

As for Kaila, she only had one simple, yet powerful statement to make about her rescuer-turned-father: “I love him — I love him so much.”

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