Baby Born At 22 Weeks, Two Weeks Before U.K. Abortion Limit, Survived Against All Odds


If you’ve ever been pregnant, there’s a good chance you know just how human a 22-week old baby really is.

They usually jump, squirm, sleep, and can even be startled in the womb (although often their mamas don’t get a lot of sleep when they’re wiggling around in there!)

One of the fallacious arguments in favor of the morality of abortion is that pregnancy terminations typically happen when the baby would not be viable outside the womb.

But as medical science progresses and parents remain committed to the survival of their premature babies, we see more and more incredible success stories of babies well within the category of being supposedly inviable outside of the womb survive.

This is one of those stories.

Charvi Matthews was born at just 22 weeks old following an emergency cesarian, three months before her estimated due date in February in Greenwich, U.K.

She weighed just 14 oz, less than a loaf of bread.

While the doctors gave her a 10 percent chance of survival, her mother maintained a strong faith that her little girl would make it.

The U.K.’s News Shopper described the baby’s precarious first few months:

The tiny fighter was the same size as a tiny doll they tucked into her incubator – and smaller than her mum’s hand – with skin so translucent they could see “every vein”.

But following months of specialist care, countless operations and more than 35 blood transfusions, little Charvi fought back from the brink.

Today, Charvi can breathe on her own for up to three hours a day, drink from a bottle, weighs over seven times her minuscule birth weight, and is even smiling at her loving mother, Millisa Matthews, who says people should “never give up on 22-weekers.”

“We were told she had about a 10% chance of survival – but I was adamant we’d give her that chance,” she explained.

“She’s really had to fight for her life and there were times where we were very worried – but now she’s getting stronger every day and has exceeded doctors expectations,” she also said, insisting there was “no way I was going to give up on her” no matter the odds.

“Charvi has shown how much is possible if you give them a chance.”

LifeSite News notes that Charvi was born two weeks before the cutoff gestational age to procure an abortion in the United Kingdom.

Catherine Robinson, a spokesperson for Right to Life UK, said stories like that of Charvi’s hard-fought survival “pose a direct challenge to the abortion law in Britain, which permits abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy. This limit is partly based on the supposed viability of babies outside of the womb. Of course, this is a flimsy justification for abortion and one that is made all the more flimsy as babies are being born before that limit and going on to survive”.

Every human life is precious, whether it is in the early stages of development in the womb or evacuated before their time.

While doctors didn’t expect this tiny yet determined little girl to live, her parents, who visited her in the hospital every day, never gave up because she was their child, and precious.

There is no such thing as an inviable human life, and we praise God for Charvi’s remarkable survival and the affirmation she and her parents have given to premature and unborn babies everywhere.

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