An 8-month-old baby who died after the U.K. government ordered her taken off life support was laid to rest last week in Nottingham, England.

The Christian Post reported that the funeral was attended by over 100 people, including a delegation from the Italian government which had tried in vain to take the baby into Italy and treat her in a Vatican-run children’s hospital.

Indi Gregory suffered from an incurable mitochondrial disease, and the Italian consul in Manchester tried in vain to take jurisdiction over her case. The U.K. Court of Appeals dismissed the request while British lords shot down an appeal from her parents to have her taken off life support at home.

After his daughter was transferred to hospice and taken off life support, father Dean Gregory had shared that little Indi was “fighting hard.” The infant had stopped breathing but recovered, and spent her last moments on earth struggling for her life.

Canon Paul Newman of the St. Barnabus Catholic Cathedral read a eulogy during the funeral from Gregory, who honored Indi as a “true warrior.”

“She didn’t only have to battle against her health problems, she had to battle against a system that makes it almost impossible to win,” the bereaved father wrote. “Yet, it was her weakest point, her health problems, that distinguished Indi as a true warrior.”

“I have now reached the conclusion that this was indeed Indi’s destiny,” he continued. “God put Indi on this Earth with the mission to expose evil in the world. He chose her because she was strong, beautiful and special. But now this chapter of Indi’s destiny is over. Her legacy, however, has only just begun. I wanted to make sure Indi would be remembered forever and she will live on in our hearts and through our voices.”

Gregory, who previously press that his mind became open to religion in the face of the evil that threatened his daughter, has also described the British health system as “diabolicial.”

“I am not religious and I am not baptized. But when I was in court, it felt like I had been dragged to Hell,” he said. “I thought, if Hell exists, then Heaven must exist. It was like the devil was there. I thought if there’s a devil, then God must exist.”

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