Bay Area News Anchor Witnessed Antifa In Action At Berkeley. It Wasn’t Pretty.


Antifa was back in action at Berkeley over the weekend, and the scene was nothing short of frightening.

Scores of people clad in black showed up and wreaked havoc. Why would they do such a thing?

Because there were other people on site expressing a viewpoint that differs from theirs. In the warped minds of members of Antifa, that amounts to a green light to assault them.

The mindset that leads to such behavior is unfathomable, and their actions are nothing short of frightening. Frank Somerville is a news anchor in the Bay Area, and he decided to head to Berkeley this weekend to witness Anifa firsthand. Here’s what he saw.

“I experienced hate first hand today,” Somerville wrote on Facebook, as shared by Milo Yiannopoulos. “It came from these people dressed in all black at a protest in Berkeley.”

As Milo explains, “The KTVU news anchor described that the people there wore body armor including shields, gloves, and helmets. They were there waiting for a fight.”

As the vast majority of fully functioning adults know, violence is not the answer to life’s problems. In fact, violence leads to even more problems, including additional violence in response.

The mainstream media and Democratic leaders have been turning a blind eye to Antifa, but the jig is up at this point. There have finally been some cracks in the ranks, and Antifa is slowly being exposed for what it is.

“Hate is hate. And I experienced it first hand today. It was sad to see,” Somerville added, according to Milo.