New BBC Propaganda Video Shames Adults For Treating Boys Like Boys & Girls Like Girls

A newly-released clip from the BBC series ‘No More Boys & Girls’ shames adults for ‘gender stereotyping’ babies.


In the clip, uploaded to Facebook by BBC Stories, researchers dress up babies as the opposite gender before placing them in a play area filled with toys and volunteers.

Naturally, the volunteers give the babies they think are boys the boy-oriented toys like robots and cars while presenting the babies they think are girls with dolls and stuffed animals.

Apparently these are cardinal sins in today’s world and after being confronted with the truth, the adult volunteers repent.

“I’ve always thought I was rather more open-minded than that and I would think these are children’s toys, whichever gender,” bemoans one woman.

Another states, “it will make me think, the next time I’m with a child, my niece or my nephew, to make sure that I am actually being fair and equal with them and just giving each child an opportunity to be whoever they are.”

See the full clip below.

Many people are not impressed with the BBC over that video.

As reported previously, the BBC’s show ‘No More Boys & Girls’ aims to place real-life children in gender-neutral environments to see if they can be de-gendered.

Seriously, the BBC wants to see if, after “gender-neutral treatment,” children will be blank slates ready to be molded by whatever liberal indoctrination the adults in their lives see fit.

See the trailer for the disturbing documentary below.

If you’re disgusted by the BBC’s actions, please consider sending them a complaint expressing your feelings by following this link.

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