Biden Admin Lifts Ban On Aborted Fetal Tissue In Taxpayer-Funded Research


The Biden administration reversed a ban on Friday which had prohibited the use of aborted fetal tissue in tax-funded scientific research.

The National Institutes of Health announced that the Department of Health and Human Services would be “reversing its 2019 decision that all research applications for NIH grants and contracts proposing the use of human fetal tissue from elective abortions will be reviewed by an Ethics Advisory Board,” as the Daily Caller reported.

“We believe that we have to do the research it takes to make sure that we are incorporating innovation and getting all of those types of treatments and therapies out there to the American people,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra on Thursday, as reported by The Washington Post.

The HHS under President Donald Trump had reviewed taxpayer-funded research involving fetal tissue and subsequently banned the use of aborted fetal tissue by the NIH’s internal research team. An ethics board was also established to keep watch over federally funded research.

The “innovation” Secretary Becerra referred to, of course, is the use of tissues harvested from aborted human babies. Fetal tissue is used in research to treat and cure Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, eye diseases, and HIV, so its proponents often point to the potential benefit to humanity their work could produce.

However, critics like ourselves in the pro-life world point to the basic truth that the deliberate destruction of human unborn babies in the womb is fundamentally immoral, period.

Unborn children should not be systematically murdered in the womb for any reason.

That we harvest their remains to use as supplies in medical labs makes such a practice no less immoral, no matter how many people it might help. It is never justified to destroy innocent human life, no matter how it may benefit someone else.

The question is not whether it is justifiable to use the remains of aborted babies in research, it’s whether it is right or wrong to abort the baby in the first place.

Resoundingly, no. It is never right. And as long as this systemic destruction of human life continues in our nation, this immoral use of the remains of those destroyed will continue.

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