Biden Admin’s 2022 Budget Refers To Mothers As “Birthing People”


In the name of exhaustive inclusion, mothers are now to be called “birthing people” under President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget proposal.

The 72-page proposal released in late May includes a section detailing budget provisions to lower maternal mortality rates and end “Race-Based Disparities in Maternal Mortality.”

In a subsection under the heading titled “Building Back Better,” Biden’s budget sets aside over $200 million to fight the “high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people.”

While fighting America’s problem of largely preventable death during childbirth is important, advocates argue that it betrays a fundamental devaluation of women to use such terms.

“All they’ve done is create new reductionistic terms for women,” said Ryan T. Anderson, a former senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and currently the president of the Ethics & Public Policy Center. “The old words work just fine. Keep using them.”

Meanwhile, pro-abortion lobby group NARAL Pro-Choice America lauded use of the term “birthing people.”

“We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth,” the organization declared. “Reproductive freedom is for *every* body.”

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder of global pro-family nonprofit the Ruth Institute called the phrase “propaganda,” suggesting that use of the term in official documents like a federal budget proposal is a way of “getting people worn down so that the word ‘mother’ is removed from their thought process.”

“Persons are being reduced to a collection of functions,” Morse said.

Katy Faust, founder and director of Them Before Us, a non-profit definding children’s rights, said that using such an intentionally vague phrase is “insisting on the imaginary” while “rejecting the biological reality” that only biological women can be mothers and give birth.

Faust also called the term “a massive power grab for the state.”

“When biology does not determine who is a mother and who is a father, then the state gets to determine who is a mother and who is a father,” Faust warned. “It is a massive attempt to control language, and if you can control language you can control lives.”

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