Biden’s Title IX Change Redefines “Pregnancy” to Include Abortion

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

The Biden administration’s proposed rule changes to Title IX protections would redefine “pregnancy” to include abortion, conservative analysts are warning.

The Heritage Foundation found that the Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX anti-discrimination protections would conflate the deliberate destruction of unborn life in the womb with pregnancy and birth among other pressing moral concerns.

The think tank explained that while the landmark 1972 laws were originally meant to ensure equal access to school programs for women and girls yet have been expanded into a “regulatory nightmare,” as it describes it.

Now they are warning that the 700 pages of proposed changes that would affect every K-12 school and federally funded higher education institution “undercut women’s athletics, undermine due process, impose woke sexual orthodoxy, and more.”

To “hold the Biden administration accountable for the lives and flourishing of preborn babies,” Heritage filed public comment on the proposed changes to “pregnancy,” which it says would include “childbirth, lactation, and ‘termination of pregnancy.’”

“The administration’s three-pronged definition of pregnancy makes a notable departure from previous ones,” the group’s report explains. “Under Title IX now, women are protected from discrimination if they get an abortion. This means that with a doctor’s note, women receive medical leave from class or a sports team to recover.”

While abortion currently falls under “sex discrimination,” — a definition itself already subject to redefinition to include gender identity by the Biden and Obama administrations — but under the Biden administration would be defined as an aspect of pregnancy.

The Heritage Center points out that this would establish a moral equivalence between pregnancy, the state of unborn human life growing inside its mother’s women, and the termination of pregnancy, that is, the deliberate destruction of the same.

Further, the proposed changes would create an “abortion neutrality” provision that could enable schools to use Title IX protections to shield abortion education, referrals, and access.

“This could take the form of connecting students with abortion clinics, not disclosing a pregnancy or abortion to a minor’s parents, paying for abortion travel, or promoting dangerous abortion pills,” Heritage explains.

There is no guidance for handling conflicts between these federal guidelines and local laws for schools that are in states where abortion has been banned as a result of this year’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

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