BIG EVENT: Mothers of America Plan March to Celebrate Role of America’s Mothers


Mothers of America will be marching to promote virtue, decency, and civility in their homes and the nation during the Mom’s March for America in September.

“It’s not about parties, politics, or a president,” says Kimberly Fletcher, executive director and event organizer of Mom’s March for America. “It’s about principles, and the principles we care about as mothers. We agree a whole lot more than we don’t. We want our children to be safe, we want them to get a good education, and we want them to be happy, which, in mother language, equates to decent people who can provide for themselves.”

The event will be broadcast live on Saturday, September 23 from the Ralston Arena in Omaha, Nebraska, with similar gatherings taking place all over the country.

Guest speakers at the march include Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, Sarah Palin, Missy Robertson, Sam Sorbo, and Candy Carson.

Fletcher, the wife of a retired Air Force officer and mother of eight children, describes the event as a “cultural march,” with a mission “to celebrate the status of mothers – their influence,” she said, adding “We have powerful influence in our homes, communities, and nation. This idea that motherhood is secondary – regardless of whether or not you’re working outside the home, you’re a stay-at-home-mom … It’s not about whether or not you work outside the home, it’s about whether or not you’re putting motherhood first in your life and whether or not you’re respected as a mother.”

As the president and founder of Homemakers for America, Fletcher also wrote of the upcoming March, “Like many of the mothers in America, I have become very concerned with the decline in our culture and the anger, hate and violence flooding our nation.”

With the support of mothers across America, women will “stand together for truth, family, freedom, and the Constitution that protects our divine rights as mothers.”