Big Time Feminist Group Ironically Elects Trans Man As Leader


The transgender movement has become more and more prevalent in culture these days, which you’d think would pose a conundrum of sorts for the rabid, hardcore feminists in our midst, seeing as most of them don’t want to lose their liberal progressive street credibility.

How can a feminist maintain the belief that women are equal to or better than a man when supporting a transgender man who thinks he’s a woman, which basically means you believe he’s  better at being a woman than an actual woman?

If that sounded a tad confusing, that’s because transgenderism requires an absurd amount of mental gymnastics in order to appear logical rather than like pure madness.

To add to the insanity, a large feminist organization decided to elect a transgender man who goes by the name Gabrielle Bouchard, as their new president.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

According to LifeSiteNews, the largest feminist organization in Quebec elected a transgender man, Gabrielle Bouchard, as their new president. The 49-year-old Bouchard hails from Concordia University’s Center for Gender Advocacy. His Twitter handle is “Gabbi_unicorn.”

The Federation des Femmes du Quebec is basically the Canadian version of America’s NOW, and “represents some 300 feminist groups and about 700 individual members.”

Bouchard’s appointment has not gone over well in some of Quebec’s media circles, saying that placing a man as head of a feminist organization only serves to reinforce the patriarchy. Bouchard rejects such claims.

“They are saying we’ll tolerate trans women as long as they are not in a position of power,” Bouchard told Canadian Press. “We’ll tolerate lesbians in the movement as long as they stand 10 feet away.”

“All the barriers I face are actually based in sexism,” he said. “They also happen to be based in transphobia. I am living at the intersection of trans identity and being a woman, and it creates a marginalization that some women don’t face.”

This is clearly a problem with the consistency of the feminist message and it looks pretty ridiculous. If these folks want to be taken seriously, they have to choose what ideology they want to uphold, and which they do not.

The point this makes is that by choosing to support one idea, and not another, you are, technically, discriminating against all other ideas that are opposed to your own.

Liberal feminists want desperately to believe they can play all sides and remain consistent, but the truth is, that’s impossible.

This in and of itself represents the problem with progressive thought as a whole. Inconsistency.

Feminism has a difficult choice to make. Either they choose to logically follow their “female empowerment” worldview to its logical conclusion which includes a rejection of transgenderism, or they admit it’s false and bogus, undone by men pretending to be women.