Bill In California Would Force Teachers to Promote LGBT Ideology In Spite of Personal Beliefs


A new bill in California moving through the state legislature will intensify the already great effort to use the public schools as indoctrination epicenters for the LGBT and anti-Christian agenda.

The bill, AB 493, was passed 61-0 in the California Assembly. Almost all of the Republican members decided not to vote. The bill will not only increase the exposure of the LGBT agenda to children, but it will strip teachers of their religious liberty, forcing them to teach and promote LGBT ideology.

The bill requires that teachers receive training on how to support LGBT students and “requires teachers to refer these students to supportive LGBTQ activist organizations, provide them with LGBTQ peer groups, and create school-wide programs urging the student body to support the LGBTQ identities of students” as reported by the California Family Council.

This is very bad news for any teachers in California who hold personal objections to this ideology. It will force them to violate their deeply-held values and worldview. According to the bill’s author, Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego), “California needs AB 493 to address the high rates of harassment reported by LGBTQ identifying students.”

What about Christian or other people of faith who will now be forced by law to violate their religious beliefs? This is the perpetual irony of such laws supposedly meant to protect LGBT people.

California Family Council President Jonathan Keller also sees it that way: “AB 493 would unconstitutionally force every teacher and student to reject biological reality about sexuality and gender, and instead mandate the views of LGBT political activists as the only acceptable opinion. Sadly, Mr. Gloria is attempting to fight bullying by becoming the bully himself,” he said.

The only way for the LGBT community to feel accepted is to bully those who disagree into accepting their lifestyle, according to the left. It isn’t enough for Christians to just coexist. They want us to deny our God and bend to their will. This is displayed in AB 493 as it requires all teachers to actively participate in the indoctrination of their students.

One San Diego school teacher explained her experience with recent LGBT “sensitivity” training and how it was demeaning to her Christian upbringing:

“Many times we were asked harsh questions and asked to raise our hands,” the first-grade teacher explained. Questions included, “Were you raised to only believe there are two genders? Did your parents ever discuss choices to you of gender?”

Teachers who admitted their parents had a binary/biblical view of gender were told how wrong and backward those views were. “I was truly offended knowing my parents raised me in a solid Christian home,” the teacher wrote. “I know my parents were outstanding parents. I was also blessed to attend a wonderful church.”

Teachers also received instructions on keeping secrets from parents. “It was shared with us that when a child tells us they are transgender, gay, or want to be the opposite sex we are not allowed to share it with their parents,” the teacher explained. The preferred name and pronoun of the student should be used, but “it should be kept private until the child is ready to share it with the parents.”

No teacher should have to compromise their religious beliefs in the name of tolerance. It is unbelievable how LGBT advocates fail to see the hypocrisy there. Or do they? Perhaps, rather than “tolerance,” they’re aiming for the government to enforce their worldview at the cost of everyone else’s sacred right to maintain their own.

This bill is set to move on to the Senate Education Committee where they will hold a hearing later this month. If you live in California, now is the time to make your voice heard. Go to the California Family Council website and find your Senate representatives information and call them or send them an email or a letter expressing your opposition to this bill.

We have to take a stand and fight for our religious freedoms before we lose them.


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