Bill Maher Scorches Dr. Fauci, Lists Every Time He Said Coronavirus Was No Big Deal


Veteran liberal comedian and talk show host Bill Maher decimated party lines in an episode of “Real Time” last week, calling out top coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci for his staggering inconsistencies since the earliest days of the pandemic.

In his closing remarks during Friday night’s episode, Fox News reports, Maher criticized reopening plans across the nation that appear to have no consistency whatsoever, such as allowing people to fly on packed airplanes but keeping open-air sports stadiums closed.

“In L.A., you still can’t legally get a haircut, but you can get your dog’s hair cut—so he doesn’t look stupid in Zoom meetings?” Maher said.

“And we’re not questioning any of this, which is a problem,” the comedian went on. “Does anyone in charge of health in this country have any idea how much less healthy an airplane is than a baseball game?”

Maher also pointed to research indicating the drastic health benefits of increased vitamin D levels, something we get from the sun by going outdoors, not living the “Unabomber lifestyle,” staring at our phone screens in quarantine.

“Why haven’t our top health officials been emphasizing these things? Why haven’t they given us any direction on improving our immune systems at a time when we need them the most?”

“Imagine before the virus even existed, telling your doctor, ‘Hey Doc, I’ve been locking myself indoors, living in fear, day drinking, and eating cheap takeout,'” Maher quipped. “‘Good healthcare plan?'”

Perhaps the farthest thing from a Trump supporter, Maher argues that the “vacuum in leadership” doesn’t lie solely with the president. In his monologue, Maher placed extra emphasis on Fauci, noting just how sharply his tune has changed since the winter.

“In late January, Dr. Fauci said that the coronavirus was ‘a very, very low risk to the United States. … It isn’t something the American public needs to worry about or be frightened about,'” Maher said, quoting Fauci.

Maher then pointed to a New York Times report claiming that in January, Trump “ignored” the warnings about the coronavirus from his administration and medical experts: “All those people knew it was a threat by then, but Dr. Fauci was saying ‘very, very low risk?'”

Maher then slammed Fauci for his inconsistency about the general public wearing masks during a “60 Minutes” interview in March, noting that Fauci also said, “If you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship.”

“Look, I think Dr. Fauci is honorable, smart, and sincere but I also thought that about Robert Mueller,” Maher continued, warning liberals not to swoon over Fauci merely to spite Trump. “And I worry that liberals are once again falling into the same trap of lionizing someone just because they’re the anti-Trump.”

“Even before the virus, America had a far too chronically sick population, which is one reason why we’ve lost so many now,” Maher concluded. “We need to demand something better than how the entrenched medical establishment manages symptoms but cures and heals far too little.”

Watch Maher’s full monologue here, but be aware that it does contain foul language.

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