Bill Nye Wants to Penalize Parents For What?


As if Bill Nye the fake scientist hasn’t done enough damage already, he’s also decided to identify as a spokesperson for population control. Yes, the mechanical engineer Bill Nye now wants to tell us how many babies we can have, because he learned so much about parenting in mechanical engineering classes at Cornell University!

On the thirteenth and last episode of “Bill Nye Saves The World,” Nye features a guest named Travis Rieder, the “Bioethics Ethicist” who sees people (yes, humans) as “individual emitters” who need to be taxed for having “too many” kids. He never told us how many was “too many” offspring, but no worries, when the gestapo is ready to start penalizing parents, we are confident Bill Nye and Travis Rieder will be the first they consult!

Nye: “So, should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?”

Rieder: “I do think that we should at least consider it.”

Yeah, let’s just consider punishing Americans for having kids while Isis is spitting out little be-headers of Christians left and right. That’ll help! Notice how the guest does NOT want to penalize the third world parents of large families (because their munchkins don’t emit as much carbon as we evil westerners)…just the first world parents.

How will childlessness somehow save the planet? The truth is that the West is dying. Collapsing birth rates in Europe and the U.S., and population explosions in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Somalia and the like, are set to cause undeniable shifts in world power, as unchecked immigration swamps and polarizes Western society.

According to a CNN article entitled “US fertility rate falls to lowest on record,” in the first three months of 2016, the fertility rate in the US fell to the lowest level ever. The rate was 59.8 births per 1,000 women. A rate of two children per woman is considered the replacement rate for a population, resulting in relative stability in terms of total number. In 2016 in America, women of child-bearing years have an average of 1.87 children. In Afghanistan, women have 5.22 children! Somalia? 5.89!! You know what that means? Yep, open up a burkha shop! You’ll be rolling in cash in no time! Sharia Law coming to a city near you…thanks to your lack of vision and forethought, selfish America!

Bill Nye Saves The World? Actually, I think Nye and his ilk are determined to destroy the world.