Billboards in Oklahoma Claim “People of Faith Love Those Who Have Abortions”


First of all, let’s get one thing straight.

We can’t speak for people of different faiths, but people who have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ absolutely love those who seek or have had abortions.

What we do not love is abortion, and we vehemently disagree that there is ever a case in which our faith mandates anyone seek an abortion, which is what this far-reaching pro-abortion campaign attempts to claim.

An explosive billboard recently erected in Oklahoma City reads “People of faith love those who have abortions” and was paid for by the group Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice.

“Reproductive justice”, despite the fact that these words could easily mean “justice for those in the womb”, is a euphemism, of course, for the right to murder those in the womb.

And this isn’t a billboard imploring faithful people to love those who have abortions and lead them to find repentance and reconciliation in the Lord Jesus Christ, either.

It’s an argument that all faiths allow for abortion and even sometimes mandate it. But don’t take my word for it, this is what their own website states:

In nearly every major faith tradition there are circumstances when abortion is an accepted and respected choice. There are even times when it is a mandate. When individuals seek to universally end or limit abortion rights for all women based on a particular understanding of God, faith, or religion, others suffer. Just as some faithful may choose not to end a pregnancy based on an understanding of faith and God, others may choose abortion consistent with the teachings of faith and under the guidance of a loving relationship with God.

The intersection of faith and abortion in Oklahoma is powerful and deserves to be examined in a more honest and inclusive way than what we have witnessed in recent local debate. Anti-choice folks do not represent the only faith perspective on abortion, in fact far from it. In short, we believe you can support abortion rights because of your faith, not in spite of it.

This is a common theme on the left, as we saw recently from a pro-choice pastor at the Kavanaugh hearings who believed that Jesus came so we could live “abundant lives”, free of inconvenient pregnancies, of course.

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