Biological Male “Jessica” Yaniv Misses Pool Party Because He Forgot His Tampons


We regret that this latest update on Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is not an announcement that he’s finally been arrested for the vast evidence of sexual harassment toward young girls, predatory desires to throw a topless pool party with children as young as twelve, or his gross abuse of Canada’s human rights laws in forcing estheticians to perform Brazilian waxes on his male genitalia.

Instead, this is one of those instances that is so insane, you don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or weep bitterly—or both: 

Yaniv had to miss out on a dip at the pool in his hometown of Langley, British Columbia because he forgot his tampons.

Not a joke. Not satire. See for yourself:

Of course, Yaniv deleted the tweet when several Twitter users and news bloggers got a hold of it and called him out on his attention-seeking antics.

What else could possibly explain a grown man complaining on social media that he couldn’t get in the pool because he “forgot his tampons”? He is either hilariously delusional, or, equally as likely, he’s going to ridiculous lengths to build up his “Jessica” persona while he continues to exploit society’s love affair with the transgender movement for his own benefit.

PJ Media’s John Ellis nails it:

This is absurd, right? We can all see that, right? A man refusing to get in a pool because his period started and he forgot his tampons is like a rejected Monty Python sketch acted out in a maze of fun-house mirrors. And, yet, you and I know that if you share this article criticizing “Jessica” Yaniv, your leftist family and friends will cluck their tongues at you, at best. At worst, they’ll openly brand you as hateful and a transphobe; they’ll report you to the thought police and you’ll run the risk of being banned from social media for daring to question the validity of a man claiming that he can’t go swimming because he forgot his tampons.

I used to believe that the sexual revolution would move so far into the absurd that the left would wake up and say, “Okay, that’s enough.” Now, though, I’m no longer sure that’s going to happen. If “Jessica” Yaniv’s nonsense becomes part of leftist orthodoxy, our society is already finished.

Whether Yaniv is insane or a predator (or both), the only question left for any sane person to ask is: what is happening to this world?!


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