Biological Male Wins Women’s World Championship Cycling Event


I can’t even.

It is one thing if you’d like to live your life dressed as a member of the opposite sex.

It is quite another if you’d like to live your life dressed as a member of the opposite sex and step on the toes of the biological members of that sex.

This is what happens when biological males enter sports leagues meant for biological females.

Why does it happen? Because, contrary to popular belief, men are different than women, and men tend to be stronger, faster, and have more stamina.

While there are plenty of women who are incredibly strong, incredibly fast, and have incredible endurance, they will never be able to beat men in the same athletic field.

In virtually every single sport (other than long-distance swimming), women simply cannot surpass the athleticism of men.

This is, of course, just fine. Women’s value and worth is not defined by our ability to be like men, but in our value as human beings who are equal to men in the eyes of the Creator, designed differently for different purposes than men.

Many feminists, of course, will tell you otherwise. Women must be given every opportunity men have to be just like men.

One simply has to wonder where all the feminists are when men who want to live their lives as women waltz on into women’s sports and beat them at everything.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Sunday, two women competing in the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles wound up finishing second and third, losing to a biologically male Canadian professor who identifies as a woman.

Rachel McKinnon, an assistant professor of philosophy at the College of Charleston, celebrated the victory on Twitter:

After being slammed by critics following his victory, McKinnon furiously responded on Twitter:

McKinnon’s college offered its congratulations:

Congratulations to assistant professor Rachel McKinnon on a major athletic accomplishment! This past weekend in Los Angeles, she won a world masters championship in track cycling.

— Coll. of Charleston (@CofC) October 15, 2018

These women have worked hard for years only to be beaten out by someone with a distinct physical advantage, who should be competing against people of their own biological gender.
The reason nearly all sports are separated by gender is that, if they were not, men would beat women at everything and women would be upset.
Progressives, please decide what you want. Should women be given an equal opportunity, or should men who say they’re women just be allowed to push women aside completely?