Bizarre “Diversity” Survey Asks Middle Schoolers About Gay Bars, Transsexuality


In a normal world, Black History Month would be a time to learn about and honor the memories of great African American men and women who overcame incredible adversity and made a notable impact on our nation’s rich history.

But no. Of course, it can’t be. Because it is 2018, and no longer does anyone care about the struggles and triumphs of great American heroes like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, or Martin Luther King Jr.

Black History Month is, apparently, now just another opportunity to indoctrinate young students with far-left intersectional politics and, of course, shamelessly expose them to highly-sensitive and sexually-charged topics they have absolutely no business learning about in middle school. 

Todd Starnes shared the story:

Parents with children who attend a Texas middle school are wondering what gay bars and transsexuals have to do with Black History Month.

Sixth graders at North Richland Middle School were presented a survey asking if they were comfortable with going to a gay bar or if they would be okay if their sister’s new boyfriend is a female-to-male transsexual.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the 41-question survey was part of the diversity curriculum for Black History Month. Students were instructed to rate their level of comfort with various scenarios:

A friend invites you to go to a gay bar
You go to the gay bar and a person of the same sex asks you to dance
Your sister invites her new boyfriend home to dinner. He is a female-to-male transsexual
Your dentist is HIV positive.
Your assigned lab partner is a Fundamentalist Christian.

As one parent noted, “This is not something that is school-appropriate”!!!

Look, there’s no beating around the bush here. Parents need to be paying close attention to what is going on in their child’s school. Or, while of course, this won’t work for everyone, just pull your kids out of school and homeschool so they’re not constantly at risk of being exposed to this pointless filth!

Either way, American parents have got to stop taking this kind of garbage in our tax-payer funded schools sitting down! Whether or not our children are in the public school system, we all pay taxes that provide funding to these government-run institutions, and if these kind of topics dramatically conflict with your personal beliefs, you have a right to speak out. 

Get in touch with local concerned parents in your area, talk to your children, and hold your public schools under the microscope. If your local kids are being taught this kind of garbage, warn the school district you will take action against them! Your local government works for you so take names and see who is in charge of allowing this smut to be taught in schools and make sure they know it needs to stop. Get active!

Something really important you can do in your community is to take part in the upcoming Sex Ed Sit Out protest on April 23rd. Be sure to follow them so you can bring the sit in to your local schools!