Bizarre Twist in the Las Vegas Shooting Points to Family Trend of Depraved Crime


The tragic shooting that happened in Las Vegas less than a month ago has left the nation in shock and disbelief.

The disbelief only seems to deepen as the details of the case unfold…and baffle.

Police have changed the timeline of the events on more than one occasion. We still have no idea which weapon Steven Paddock used to shoot at thousands of concertgoers from his perch on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort. Ten days after the event it was revealed that a security guard was shot six minutes before the mass shooting began. The Clark County Sherrif’s office originally stated it would have been impossible for Paddock to pull off the terrible crime alone, now they deny anyone else was involved.

There is also still, twenty days later, no known motive. 

The rumor mill is churning, and giant holes in the case that are still left unanswered don’t help at all.

Now, in a shocking revelation, Paddock’s brother, Douglas Paddock, has been arrested for possession of child pornography. 

They are saying that there is no connection to the shooting, but there is a connection that nearly no one is talking about: their childhood.

Initially, a third Paddock brother, Eric, expressed disbelief that his brother could ever commit such a crime, that it didn’t fit his character at all. Paddock’s girlfriend, who had been “sent” to the Phillippines weeks before the shooting, agreed that he was a kind, gentle man.

However, as time went on, the girlfriend, Marilou Danley, revealed that this “gentle man” would also lie in bed moaning and screaming, crying out “Oh my G*d!” as he writhed in apparent pain.

It also came to light that the various prostitutes Paddock employed in Las Vegas reported he had a penchant for violent rape fantasies and that he blamed his twisted and dark nature on his father.

Paddock’s father, Benjamin, was a notorious bank robber who escaped from prison in 1968 and was on the FBI’s most wanted list until they located him and he was imprisoned again in 1978. He died in 1998.

Despite claiming not to know what could drive their brother to such a heinous crime, both Bruce and Eric offered a peek into their brother’s head.

“He didn’t plan this for 35 years. This happened to my brother — whatever caused him to do this — it happened over the course of months. And here is what I say to the people — maybe no one will ever understand Steve,” said Eric.

“I don’t know how he could stoop to this low point, hurting someone else,” Bruce said, shortly after the shooting and prior to today’s unrelated arrest. “He killed a bunch of people and then killed himself so he didn’t have to face whatever it was.”

Bruce himself is now adding 19 counts of exploitation of a minor and one count of possession of child pornography to his long rap sheet. According to USA Today, a criminal complaint filed against him “alleges that, between January and August of 2014, Paddock possessed and exchanged more than 600 photos depicting youths under age 18 engaging in or simulating sexual activity. In 2014. At least 10 of the images depicted youths under age 12, the complaint alleges.”

In one month, out of three brothers, sons of a hardened criminal who spent their childhood either behind bars or on the run from the law, one killed 58 and wounded nearly 600, and one was arrested for possession of child pornography.

This case is so bizarre and mysterious it is impossible to say exactly what drove these two men to choose such tragic paths for themselves, but it is also difficult to ignore the common thread: an absent, criminal father, whose abandonment seems to have hurt them deeply.