Black-Clad, Shouting Mob Disrupts UNT Event for Father Who Fought Son’s Gender Transition

Screenshot: Twitter

Antifa-style protesters at the University of North Texas loudly disrupted an event at which Jeff Younger, a father whose legal fight to prevent his ex-wife from socially and medically transitioning their 9-year-old son has gained national attention.

Protesters chanted profanities and screamed at Younger in the classroom where the event was being held and later, a group of the several hundred protesters who had gathered outside to oppose his appearance reportedly stormed police officers.

One of the student organizers of the event, which was hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas, accounted on Twitter that she’d been targeted by violent, harassing social media messages and had to be evacuated from the building.

Horrifying, she was briefly separated from her police escort and forced to hide in a closet from the riotous mob.

She and journalist Andy Ngo shared footage they obtained on social media earlier this month:

According to one Twitter user who was sympathetic to the protesters, law enforcement officers who helped retrieve Neidert from the building reportedly showed little care for the protesters as they pulled away from the building.

The uproar prompted a letter from UNT Neal Smatresk, who gently condemned some of the behavior  from “some individuals” which he said was “reflective of the UNT I know and love.”

Activist students took issue with the letter itself, which also praised the UNT police for working to ensure safety and quell the chaos, and protested Smatresk himself later that week, The Christian Post reported.

Younger, who is running for the Texas House of Representatives as a Republican, had been asked by the student organizers to give a presentation which was titled, “For the Future of Texas: Federalism as State Nationalism, Conservatism as Traditionalism, [and] Republican Politics as Restoration,” the outlet noted.