Black-Clad Terrorists Beat Conservatives In California As Left-Wing Violence Continues


Leftists in black masks, part of the alt-left domestic terror organization Antifa, stormed Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California today with the goal of committing violence against conservatives. They succeeded.

Despite reported cancelling of the ‘No Marxism In America’ rally intended to be held in the park due to security concerns, hordes of leftists showed up to the park anyway, many carrying signs with slogans like “Viva Marx.”

The left-wingers entered the park chanting, “Whose park? Our park!” and commenced with violent exchanges against both police and right-wing opponents.

Past violence in Berkeley has revealed that the mayor of Berkeley may have both ties and sympathy to the black-clad radicals committing terrorist acts today.

There is a good chance police were ordered to stand down, as we have seen in many past incidents.