Black Pastor Arrested After Pulling Gun On Mob He Says Threatened Him, Used Racial Slurs


The Shenandoah, Virginia County Sheriff’s Department has apologized and dropped charges against a local pastor who was recently arrested after pulling his weapon in self-defense when threatened by a group of people reportedly hurling racial epithets at him.

61-year-old Leon McCray Sr. told WHSV that the incident began when he saw several people dragging a refrigerator towards the dumpsters at an apartment building he owns in Edinburg.

He says the people became “irate” when he confronted them and asked them to leave, later returning with three more people who began to threaten him and use “all types of racial slurs” and “racial epithets and the n-word,” such as “your Black life, your M-F Black life don’t make, it doesn’t make a difference in this country, it doesn’t make a difference to me, and we will kill you.”

When the group then surrounded him and some tried to headbutt him, he was forced to pull out his firearm in defense of his person.

“It got to the point where this is really getting really, really bad,” he said. “I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t do anything, and with the threats, I felt to save my life, I had to draw my gun.”

However, when sheriff’s deputies arrived, it was McCray who got arrested!

“I got arrested for brandishing a weapon,” he told The Northern Virginia Daily. “It saved my life. ‘I don’t care.’ In other words, my Second Amendment right, they didn’t care.

“And so they took my weapon, and in front of this mob of five white individuals that were still threatening my life when the police and sheriff [deputies] showed up … they put me in handcuffs, put me in the car, took me to jail.”

“How humiliating,” he said. “How dehumanizing … to look at this mob of individuals cheering on the sidelines waving as I was carted off to go to jail.”

Now, considering we’re in the middle of a very emotional national conversation about race and policing, this has got to infuriate you.

Thankfully, Sheriff Timothy Carter issued an apology and all charges were dropped against McCray. Five individuals have now been charged with a hate crime.

“After talking with him about the incident, it was apparent to me that the charge of brandishing was certainly not appropriate,” Carter said, according to CNN. “If I were faced with similar circumstances, I would have probably done the same thing.”

“I want the people of Shenandoah County to know I and the Sheriff’s Office staff appreciate and care about the minority communities, and especially our black community, in Shenandoah County,” he said. “Also, I continue to support and recognize the importance of your Constitutional rights, especially your 2nd Amendment right to protect yourself and your family.”

But remember folks, this is Virginia we’re talking about. While many Sheriffs have vocalized their support for the Second Amendment, the Democrat-majority state government in Richmond has been working hard to undermine the rights of men like McCray to defend their lives against these clearly hateful, violent people who sought to do him harm.

If the Democrats are so concerned about white supremacists and racists like the ones who tried to attack this God-fearing, law-abiding pastor and landlord, why do they want to not only strip us of our right to defend our own lives, but also weaken law enforcement, making it harder to apprehend racist criminals?

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