BLM Leader Declares War On Police: “We Are Training Our People to Defend Our Communities”


A Black Lives Matter leader in New York openly declared war on police, revealing that the group is developing a highly trained “military” arm to “challenge police brutality head on.”

Last year, Hank Newsome, chairman of BLM’s Greater New York chapter, described himself as a “devout Christian and a family man” and even experienced pushback from his compatriots for rallying with Trump supporters.

Now, Newsome says his organization is receiving training from military Special Forces officers training and developing a squad of “Peace Officers” reminiscent of the 1960s Black Panther Party to “patrol” black communities and challenge police officers.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Newsome said:

“We are preparing and training our people to defend our communities … We are prepared to stop these government sanctioned murders by any means necessary.

We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an arm to defend ourselves. We will build and train peace officers to keep the peace in our communities, to defend our communities, to keep our communities safe.”

Newsome noted that his organization has seen hefty donations from wealthy people and celebrities and even named Rihanna and Nick Cannon as large contributors.

“It’s our obligation, it is our duty to provide people with a pathway forward,” he said. “We want liberation. We want the power to determine our own destiny. We want freedom from an oppressive government, and we want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police.”

The Mail notes that Newsome refused to denounce rioting and looting, citing understandable frustration over systemic racism:

Newsome said the looting is ultimately a product of capitalist America and its treatment of the black community.

“They want to go out and grab all those things that America told them that they should have, but they couldn’t have,'”he said.

“People are poor. People are desperate. People are frustrated. So what do you expect them to do? People want to destroy because they’re angry and they’re frustrated.”

“Black Lives Matter didn’t create this violence. Black Lives Matter is a product of this violence. The rioters are the product of the violence.”

Newsome argued that the police have waged war on black people for decades, but now his chapter of BLM is “escalating” the battle.

“We’re talking about self-defense. We’re talking about defending our communities,” he told the Mail. “You know what it’s like to see a taser pointed at a seven-year-old, you know what it’s like to see a 67-year-old black woman… pepper sprayed and pushed to the ground?”

“We have black Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train people in our communities, the Black Ops department of Black Opportunities,” Newsome declared. “What we’ll see is people put in place to defend our communities from police who will murder us and get away with it.”

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