While they couldn’t stop the show from happening, dozens of people from various Christian denominations in Michigan recently gathered to peacefully protest “Drag Syndrome,” the sick show that exploits people with Down syndrome for hyper-sexualized entertainment, according to an on-location report from LifeSite News.

If you’ve been following our reporting of “Drag Syndrome,” you’ll know that, while the show was initially dropped by its original venue amid concerns of exploitation, the show found a new home at the Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids. 

Lifesite also reported that the ACLU has filed a civil rights complaint against the owner of the original venue, Republican congressional candidate Peter Meijer. 

In spite of retaliation, Meijer stands firm in his objections as to “whether the individuals performing for Drag Syndrome are giving, or are in a position to give their full and informed consent” and says he will not apologize for “doing what’s right.”

Protesters of the event have matched Meijer’s boldness in defending the blatant abuse of the Drag Syndrome “performers.” Even Tom Norton, a local politician running for Congress against Meijer, attended the protest on Sunday night and engaged in a debate with an attendee.

While some opted to remain silent and allow their presence and their signage speak for them, many others present lovingly and calmly spoke to anyone who would listen about our mighty God’s design for marriage, sexuality, and his call to protect the vulnerable among us. 

Tom Root, the parent of a 34-year-old with Down syndrome, held signs that read “Love them, do not exploit them!” and “Stop the exploitation!” and didn’t shy away from discussion with passersby and event attendees.


LifeSite continues: 

Wealthy Street Theatre is located near Grand Rapids’ bohemian “Eastown” neighborhood and hosted a Saturday night performance at 7:00 p.m. and a 6:00 p.m. show on Sunday night. While free tickets for both shows were all reserved, only the Saturday night gathering saw the theatre fill its 400-seat capacity. Approximately 15 attendees were themselves dressed in “drag.” 

Protestors informed LifeSite that probably only “a couple hundred” people attended the 6:00 p.m. show and that when the Fox crew left, theatre staff took down the “sold out” signs that had been placed on the sidewalk, a move one protestor said was “clearly done on purpose to give the impression it was more of a success than it really was.”

ImageNaturally, the protestors were subject to verbal abuse, being called “Jesus freaks,” told to “f*** off,” or simply being flipped the middle finger by multiple Drag Syndrome supporters. 

Protesters were frequently asked if they actually knew anyone with Down syndrome and how they could possibly oppose the performers’ rights to “express themselves,” yet nearly every single protester told LifeSite that they did in fact have an immediate or extended family member with Down syndrome. 

One attendee was so furious, he shouted “you disgust me!” to the protestors as they arrived on Saturday night. As one protesting pastor began to answer him, the man said, “Don’t even try to say something to me” before storming off to smoke a cigarette. “Oh, I’m shaking,” the man said to his friend as he walked away.

A woman loitering around the entryway of the theatre shouted “Hail Satan!” on one occasion, LifeSite says, and also “danced in a vulgar manner” while street preacher Stephen Nylen and others from Frontline Apologetics preached the Gospel near the ticket line. 

We all know that the progressive left often sees no problem in physically abusing those with whom they disagree in these sidewalk encounters, so praise God that no one was harmed!

Protesters also reported that roughly five attendees cross-dressed their own children with Down syndrome children to bring to the event. One woman, whose son was wearing lipstick, told a protestor that his sign was “offensive,” to which he responded, “I find this entire event offensive.” 


As for the actual show, LifeSite reports that the interactions with attendees outside weren’t the only abuse protesters were subjected to:

As the Saturday show began, the lights in the theatre dimmed and black lights were turned on. “Dice Santana,” one of the show’s emcees, strutted onto the stage as music started blaring. Earlier in the day, Santana, a young African-American, confronted the protesters and lectured them about how they weren’t being supportive of “love.” Santana proceeded to dance around and rip off his/her shirt, to which the raucous crowd let out an enormous roar. The show proceeded from there.

Men caked with makeup and wearing wigs and high heels did cartwheels on stage and ran up and down the aisles while lip-syncing various pop songs. In between performances, Santana would tell the raucous audience about how much “good” an event like this does for Grand Rapids, which has “come so far” in recent years.

Imitating a pastor, Santana mockingly invoked the name of Jesus Christ and asked the crowd, “can I get a yay-men!?” To which they shouted “yay-men!” Fewer than a dozen underage children were in the theatre for the Saturday night performance, which at times felt like a liturgical experience.



People, the leftist agenda doesn’t just exist in news headlines, social media posts, or YouTube videos. This is real. It’s happening in our cities and towns, both big and small. 

We face a very real enemy, and it takes real action to fight it.

These people had the courage to speak the truth and preach the Gospel right in the midst of the proverbial lions’ den. What will you when something like this comes to your town? What will you do to defend children, those with Down syndrome, the unborn, and every other vulnerable group on which the left preys?

Will you have the strength, like these men and women, to speak up?

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