Border Patrol Arrests Migrants Already Convicted of Child Sex Crimes in U.S. Traveling With Family Units

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Over the last week, U.S. Border Patrol arrested several men that already had records for sex offenses in the United States who had crossed the border illegally and in at least one case appeared to be traveling with a group of what was believed to be family units.

The Blaze reports that over the weekend and on Monday, the agency detained Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, and Honduran men with sex offense records in the U.S. and a Salvadorian man who was known to be a member of the Latin Kings gang.

On Friday morning, the Guatemalan national was arrested by CPB after being discovered in a group that mostly consisted of families. He had already been charged and convicted with the sexual abuse of a minor in the United States, according to his records.

Also on Friday, CPB apprehended a Honduran man who was traveling with a group of mostly single adults who had crossed the border illegally. According to the agency, he had already been “convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a victim between 13-15 years of age in Minnesota.”

On Saturday, a Nicaraguan man who was arrested and convicted in 2008 in for sex with a minor more than three years younger was detained by CPB after he crossed the border illegally with a small group.

On Monday, six individuals were arrested after they tried to go around a lawful border checkpoint. One Salvadorian man among them, CPB says, had been removed from the U.S. multiple times and was known to be a member of the Latin Kings gang.

This year has seen a massive influx of illegal border crossings as the Biden administration began its first year.

The administration initially put in place a moratorium on deportations but has since been forced to ramp up efforts to limit the number of illegal immigrants allowed to remain in the country.

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