Born a Woman, This Ex-Transgender Now Lives As A “Genderless Alien”


One of the biggest dangers of the left’s obsession with treating a mental illness, gender dysphoria, as an “identity,” is that those who suffer from this condition are encouraged to live out their delusions rather than seek real help. 

Sadly, many of those who seek “transition” to address their dysphoria end up dissatisfied as the root cause of their mental struggles is not, in fact, actually addressed. 

While some decided to reverse course and return to their birth sex, others take it even further in their search to find some kind of fulfillment. 

Such is the case for 33-year-old Jareth Nebula, who was born a female and transitioned to a man when she was 29. Now, however, she identifies as an alien claiming she believes she “belongs on another planet.” 

The Mirror reports:

The 33-year-old, who was born a woman but transitioned to become a man when he was 29, now believes he doesn’t fit into any human gender and is, in fact, an alien.

The barber’s shop receptionist has even had his nipples removed and shaves his eyebrows to “make him feel less human”.

Jareth, who has named himself after David Bowie’s character in Labrynth and Nebula like a space cloud, already has 78 stars across his body and hopes to increase this to 333 as “three has always been my lucky number”.

Living alone he now just wants people to accept who he is and admits be would rather be called ‘thing’ or ‘it’ rather than he or she.

Jareth, who legally changed his name four years ago, said: “After coming out as transgender and believing I had finally found myself, I realised I was wrong – I wasn’t male or female, or even human.

She realized she was wrong after transitioning to a man but instead of reversing course and going back to her birth gender, she continued on her path of self-destruction.

“I don’t think or feel like humans. I can’t really explain it to others – I’m simply otherworldly,” she told The Mirror.

“I didn’t feel comfortable as either gender or even anything in between. I know I’m stuck in a human form and that’s how I’m perceived by others – but to me, I’m an alien with no gender.”

When Jareth made the decision to “transition” she began taking testosterone injections and mutilated her body by having her breasts removed. This did nothing to address her gender dysphoria, of course, and so she began “to do further research into alternative gender identification,” the Mirror notes. 

“I thought being a trans man would solve all of my issues and inner battles with finding out who I was, but I wasn’t as happy as I expected to be,” she said.

“I felt like I was trying to fit into someone else’s box. I didn’t want to be constrained – that’s when I discovered what agender was.

“I’d always been obsessed with aliens, too, and what it means to be extraterrestrial, so the idea of being an agender alien fit perfectly as an identity for me.”

Had Jareth sought out proper mental health care instead of hormone treatments and irreversible plastic surgery, maybe she would be living a healthy life, grounded in truth and reality. Now, as an “alien,” she goes to even greater measures to abuse her body for the sake of her “identity.”

“I don’t have nipples, as I had them removed during my top trans surgery. I shave off my eyebrows and have lip, septum and nose bridge piercings,” she explained.

“Who is anyone to tell you who you can or can’t be? If someone wants to identify as anything, even an animal, let them.

“I feel sorry for people who attack me online. I think they lack empathy and just want to target me, so I deal with it pretty well by brushing it off.

“I’m happy with who I am and will continue to become more alien-like every day.”

We, as Christians, have to continue to speak the truth about transgenderism and call it out for what it is…and what it isn’t. It isn’t a lifestyle choice. It’s people living in delusion and pretending to be things they can never actually be. It’s self-loathing and destructive. People will never be able to see the light if we continue to sit idly by out of fear of offending someone. The truth is offensive to those who don’t want to hear it but we have to continue in the hopes that those that need the light will eventually see it.


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