Boston Activist Group Looks to Hold Straight Pride Parade, Left Rejects This Idea in the Name of Tolerance


The left has been claiming for years to be all about inclusivity, love, and acceptance, but what they really mean, of course, is that they are inclusive, loving, and accepting of those who share similar moral dispositions and sexual preferences.

A group in Boston is attempting to hold a Straight Pride Parade, and you can imagine how much the left loves and accepts that idea.

The group, Super Happy Fun America (SHFA), is an activist group that delights in pointing out the double standards of the left, specifically the LGBT agenda. According to their website, SHFA is aimed at establishing “respect, inclusivity, equality, diversity, unity, solidarity, dignity, social mobility, empowerment, sustainability, justice, awareness, intersectionality, human rights, education, access, participation, dialogue, visibility, tolerance, and alliances”

…For the “straight community.”


We can’t help but smile when reading this. It cleverly hits every single liberal talking point, and yet liberals reject them and hate them. You would think the left would be happy to support other groups in their efforts to fight for equality and acceptance, but that is definitely not the case.

The details, such as the date, have yet to be set, but SHFA’s plans to hold a Straight Pride Parade are moving forward. On their website, they say, “The Straight Pride Event will be held to achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond.  It will be a one-day event consisting of a parade followed by a flag raising ceremony.

They plan to use the same route as the Boston LGBT Pride Parade and say all are welcome to join in the fun. Well, except Antifa, that is. “No registration is required.  The event is free and open to the public. All are welcome. Antifa (short for Anti-Fun) is not welcome because they oppose happiness and fun.” Probably a smart move.

The city of Boston has yet to approve the group’s parade application. In April, the city denied SHFA’s attempt to fly a straight pride flag outside city hall which, ironically, had just allowed LGBT pride flags to be flown. The city of Boston has also has also rejected applications for Christian flags to be flown, as we reported last year.

So, SHFA Vice President Mark Sahady has preemptively filed a discrimination complaint with the city in hopes that will ensure them the same privileges granted to the LGBT and their parade, a report by the USA Today notes.

Naturally, LGBT advocates are not supportive of SHFA’s efforts to hold a parade and took to Twitter to show their tolerant and accepting views on the matter.

How loving and accepting to ridicule and mock straight people on the internet. Why should the LGBT community and its advocates care if straight people want to have a parade?

All of America is subjected to an entire month of LGBT-promoting propaganda during the month of June, and if anyone speaks out in opposition they are shouted down immediately as being “homophobic” and “hateful.” Yet, SHFA can’t have one day to celebrate and promote heterosexuality and traditional values.

Double standards much?

We applaud Sahady and his cohorts at Super Happy Fun America and say this is a cause we can get behind.

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