Boston Marathon Allowing Men to Compete As Women, Because Of Course They Are


There is a toxic mentality in our country that if you have experienced any kind of adversity in your life, you must be spared any and all adversity in the future if society has decided to validate your past struggles.

This is what we are doing to the transgender community, and it is an incredibly slippery slope, in more ways than one.

Since we have, for some reason, collectively decided that the struggles transgender people face are the cause du jour, due to the infallible laws of cultural Marxism, transgender people must be given exactly what they want, and the “cisgender” people who might be negatively affected by this are of no consequence.

The way the Boston Marathon and other marathons around the country have decided to handle the transgender agenda is, first of all, yet another brilliant example of just how ridiculous it is to just decide one day that a man can become a woman, and vice-versa. Beyond that however, it is also very telling of how truly anti-woman the left is, although they claim to be feminists.

“In 1967, a Boston Marathon official nearly dragged a woman off the course after she managed to enter the men’s-only race,” writes ABC News. “Five decades later, race officials aren’t as concerned about gender boundaries: They’re now publicly acknowledging that transgender runners can compete using the gender they identify with.”

When Katherine Switzer boldly defied the gender restrictions for the Boston Marathon in 1967, she became the Rosa Parks of women in sports, and has been lauded by feminists for decades for helping to break down barriers for female athletes.

Now, female runners from across the country who have worked hard to make it to one of the most competitive amateur running events in the nation are being pushed aside to make room for biological men. 

The marathon has decided this year to allow transgender competitors to enter the race as the gender they say they are, and given qualifying times are based on gender, this gives an incredibly unfair advantage to biological males entering as women, and it’s crazy that even needs to be stated.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” said Tom Grilk, chief of the Boston Athletic Association. “Members of the LGBT community have had a lot to deal with over the years, and we’d rather not add to that burden.”

And that’s it right there.

Because these transgender runners have had a hard time in life, the Boston Marathon, not to mention the entire pro-trans community and everyone they bully into compliance, want transgender people to be given a smooth, easy, ride through life, at the cost of others who have worked hard for their own achievements.

Transgender athletes in dozens of sports have been pushing hard to be able to compete either in the division of the gender they wish they were or the gender they were born as, and either way, for both biological men or women taking testosterone, this leaves biological, cisgender women in the dust.

The thing is, life is hard. No one can be completely free of adversity in this fallen world. There will always be challenges, and if you simply can’t go through life without guilt-tripping other adults into giving you everything you want, you are going to struggle anyway.

The problem with the mentality towards transgender people in general has gone outrageously too far. Rather than address this severe mental illness as just that, a severe mental illness, we’re doing serious damage by allowing adults to believe they are genuinely a member of the opposite sex, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Once we’ve validated that delusion, they will make us do anything to continue to validate their desires, because they never will truly be a member of the opposite sex.

First, the Boston Maraton. Next, the Olympics. When will it end? How long must women be pushed aside to validate something that will never be real?