Progressives Glorify Couple’s Decision To Support Their CHILD’S Transition Into A Girl

A couple from New Jersey has caused quite a stir online following the circulation of a news story detailing how they supported their son’s desire to transition into a girl from the age of two.


The news story in question was printed in The Daily Mail earlier this week and, of the parents, states, “they feared for her mental health after living as a boy left her deeply unhappy.”

The child was born as Ben Bruesehoff in 2007 but The Daily Mail quotes mother Jamie as stating, “Rebekah has always been gender non-conforming. As young as two or three she gravitated to typically feminine things.”

“As the years went on, her gender nonconformity intensified and she began to search for her identity and the words to describe it,” Jamie continued.

According to The Daily Mail, Ben – which the child was initially named – had a penchant for playing with dolls. (Image via The Daily Mail)

The outlet goes on to quote the child’s mother, Jamie, as stating, “by the time she was seven, all of this hit a crisis point – her anxiety was crippling and her depression was becoming life threatening.”

At the age of seven, The Daily Mail quotes Jamie as stating, Ben removed the screen a second story window and attempted to jump out.

The Bruesehoff family apparently took this as a suicide attempt, interpreting Ben’s actions as a sign that he was in turmoil as a result of being trapped in the wrong body.

After consultation with a family doctor and counsellor, the Bruesehoff was reportedly given the go-ahead to allow Ben to transition into Rebekah “with the help of a gender specialist.”

While it’s not clear exactly what procedures Rebekah went through, the results appear to be permanent.

(Image via The Daily Mail)

Following Ben’s transition into Rebekah, she has become a symbol for progressives, who have put her on the front lines of their fight to normalize transgenderism.

“HI, my name is Rebekah,” the child can be heard stating at one protest, seen in The Daily Mail’s Facebook video below.

“I am a transgender girl. I’ve been living as myself since I was eight years old and now I am 10,” she continues, an LGBT Pride flag waving behind her.

At that, the crowd erupts into cheers.

Rebekah’s story is so important.

Rebekah’s story is so important.

Posted by Daily Mail on Friday, July 28, 2017

Over at Teen Voguewhich seems to have a habit of encouraging progressive indoctrination of children – Brittney McNamara hails Rebekah for holding up a sign in support of transgenderism at a protest.

Image via Teen Vogue

“Part of the impact of Rebekah’s sign is that it brings humanity to the national conversation happening right now,” McNamara writes.

Of Rebekah’s argument that transgender people are not scary, McNamara continues, “Rebekah gets that point across all on a piece of cardboard.”

On the flip side, however, some are very critical of Rebekah’s parents and progressives for glorifying the gender transition of a child.

See The Activist Mommy speaking out against gender insanity below.

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