Boys Can Be Princess, Too Campaign Encourages Little Boys to Dress Up As Their Favorite Disney Heroines


There is an organized and concerted effort in our nation to expose children to inappropriate “sex education” and give them “non-gender conforming” role models. The mantra, “live your truth” is being broadcast all over schools, libraries, and anywhere children frequent.

In an effort to break away from society’s “gender constructs” a new project has emerged that aims to make princesses out of boys. The Boys Can Be Princesses, Too Project is now asking for donations to continue their work in emasculating young boys.

According to owner and founder, Kitty Wolf:

At Princesscapades Princess Parties we believe that ANYONE can enjoy the magic, beauty & empowerment of a fairy tale princess.

Are we talking about the same princesses who often rely on the help of her male counterparts in the movies to “save the day?” Or how about the numerous Disney princesses who are literally rescued by their respective Prince Charmings? As early as Snow White, princesses have been finding themselves in peril only to be rescued by strong, capable, loving men. Sure, Elsa and Anna have come along and “smashed the patriarchy,” but even still they require the help of their friends, some of which are men.

Wolf further explains: 

[She has)  decided to produce a series of photos showing little boys dressed as their favorite princess, together WITH their favorite princess! I know there are little boys out there that love these fairy tale characters just as much as the little girls we meet doing princess parties. Our interactions with them have been, for whatever reasons, few and far between, but we see these boys, we know them, and we love them!

However we have also seen boys being told that princesses are “just for girls” or that liking princesses and especially dressing as one somehow makes them weak, inferior or not boys. They’re told it’s not manly, or macho, or normal. This leads boys to feel ashamed of their interests, confused, sad, and lonely. That hurts my heart. 

The only thing that leaves little boys confused is being encouraged to dress up like a princess. If little boys enjoy Moana, that doesn’t mean they need to dress up like her to feel comfortable liking Moana. The truth that princesses are girls and therefore boys literally cannot be princesses, hurts Wolf’s heart? What about a life of self-loathing because of deeply rooted gender-confusion thanks to projects like this that encourage children to accept lies and harmful ideology?

Therefore, our goal here is to show these boys and world that it is perfectly acceptable for boys to admire and even dress like princesses. I want to show them it’s ok for boys to dress up as their heroes, even if that means they’re twirling around in a ball gown. Overall, I want everyone to see it’s ok to be who you are and like what you like!

No child should feel ashamed of the things that bring them joy.

It’s quite  interesting that the premise of this project is to shatter “gender norms.” Wolf’s alleged goal is to show little boys that they can like and do “girl” things and even dress like “girls,” and that it’s OK. Yet, when little boys follow through with this, suddenly it becomes urgent to make them become girls thus feeding right into the gender norms they are supposedly so opposed to. 

It makes no sense. 

This project needs to be shut down immediately before too many more boys are exposed to it and end up being wrongly labeled as transgender and forced into a life of confusion, sadness, and shame.


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