Massachusetts University Bans White Men From Applying For Scholarship

Brandeis University has a new ‘social justice journalism’ scholarship that that will award $10,000 to a student journalist so that they can go on to investigate “social justice issues.” 


Naturally, the scholarship is closed to white men.

We all know colleges and universities are completely engulfed in liberal ideology. Many of these professors tend to push a perverse agenda, labelled as “progressivism” and tolerance.

The examples of this perverse agenda are almost endless.

One teacher at the University of Michigan actually thinks that preschool kids are “too heterosexual.”

I may not be a “gender studies” expert but I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as being too heterosexual. Being heterosexual is what God intended, last time I checked.

Just like Brandeis University is banning white men from their grant, the University of Minnesota also banned white straight students from their “safe spaces.”   

According to HuffPost’s interview with the president of the group offering the grant in collaboration with Brandeis, the Fund for Investigative Journalism, its aim is to increase the number of SJW journalists:

“The Fund is proud to partner with the Schuster Institute on these diversity fellowships. We are on the leading edge of a growing effort to address a terrible imbalance in our business,” said FIJ president Ricardo Sandoval Palos.

“This valuable experience, with the resources and mentorship provided by the Schuster Institute and Brandeis University, creates an important new opportunity for a long-neglected community of investigative journalists. Over the course of a year, they’ll be weaving important stories with great potential for social impact and change.”

The most fascinating part of all this, of course, is the clear discrimination against white people that seems to be so easily excused by SJWs.

Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if someone tried to launch a scholarship that excluded blacks?

Oh wait, you actually don’t have to imagine – someone has attempted this before.

In 2006, the president of the College Republicans at Boston University, Joe Mroszczyk, launched a whites only scholarship intended to point out just how stupid the idea of race-specific scholarships is.

Naturally, the move prompted quite a bit of outrage – including from Mroszczyk’s friends.

“They said I can’t believe you’re doing this,” an ABC News article from 2006 quotes him as stating.

The outlet further quotes a Latina Student attending Boston University at that time as stating, “it’s a poor way to talk about affirmative action.”

More recently, in 2013, a white only scholarship set up by a wealthy woman who died in 1920 prompted outrage at Columbia University, perhaps rightfully so.

It seems all desire for racial equality goes out the window when it’s white people who are being discriminated against.

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