BREAKING: LA Police Investigate Corey Feldman Claims of Child Sex Ring in Hollywood!


At long last, Corey Feldman may see justice for the abuse he suffered as a child star in Hollywood.

The actor has long been speaking out against the child sex ring he claims is still fully operational, and has mostly been ignored. Until now.

After weeks of reiterating his claims and even starting a fundraising campaign to fund a tell-all documentary on the men he says has for decades been praying on young children in Hollywood, he is finally being taken seriously by law enforcement.

Last week, he appeared on Dr. Oz’s show and revealed some of the names of the men who abused him. He and Dr. Oz also called the police live on the show.

Yesterday, the LAPD confirmed they are indeed investigating his claims based on the information he has given them. This is a major victory for the war against institutionalized pedophilia, especially considering that police did nothing when Feldman tipped them off to his abusers when they interviewed him for their investigation into Michael Jackson’s alleged child sex abuse in the 90’s.

“When a report is filed on something as severe as this, an investigation is opened by the robbery/homicide division (which also handles sex crimes),” LAPD detective Ross Nemeroff told The Hollywood Reporter. 

Praise God Corey might finally be able to see his abusers exposed and apprehended for their heinous crimes against him! Please continue to pray for him, for his heart to be comforted and for justice to be served.