British Couple Seek Gender-Neutral Nanny, No Pronouns or Barbie Allowed


The latest trend in gender insanity is so-called “gender-neutral parenting”, where edgy leftist parents forsake their children’s well-being and foundational development for the sake of being politically correct.

By that I mean they allow their children to choose their own gender.

And by “choose their own gender” I mean, pretend that gender doesn’t exist.

One posh British couple is taking this so far, they are being sure to hire a nanny who will do the same thing.

The Christian Post reports that a recent listing on had some incredibly precise requirements for prospective nannies to ensure they’d find someone who would also pretend that gender didn’t exist while caring for their children.

“There are a few ‘rules’ that we’d like the nanny to adhere to. Here are a couple. Only refer to the children by their names — no pet names such as sweetie or hun and obviously not referring to them as ‘she’ or ‘he,'”


They’ve already covered all the bases, too, explaining, “We have a selection of pre-approved books, toys, TV shows and films for the children to enjoy, please do not deviate from this list. Characters like Action Man and Barbie only serve to enforce gender stereotypes, for example.”

If the nanny should venture out into the scary gendered world with the children, these gender-neutral-savvy parents have thought of that too, and have one, simple ground rule:

“If you are out with them and they need to go to the bathroom, they need to choose which one to use.”

So let’s be clear here: while most parents would worry about background checks, drug use, or boyfriends coming over while considering hiring someone to care for their children, these parents are so worried about not “socially constructing” their children’s gender that they’re perfectly happy allowing them to choose which public restroom they use and only ask that the nanny do the same.

This. Is. Insanity.

Liberals are so obsessed with undermining biological gender that it has become their God. Remember Mary Poppins? Who encouraged the children to clean their rooms, take their medicine, and happily participated in the delightful imaginations of children?

Yeah, this generation will not be growing up with nannies like this, apparently. Instead, little ones will be raised to clean up their pronouns, swallow intersectional politics (with a spoonful of sugar!), and use public restrooms with adult members of the opposite sex.

This isn’t parenting. This isn’t childcare. This is abuse. Plain and simple.