British OBGYN Compares Abortion to Removing a Bunion; This is How 650 Doctors Responded


The response of 650 doctors to the flippant remarks made by a pro-abortion OBGYN this week certainly prove that many in the medical community oppose Britain’s upcoming vote on loosening abortion restrictions.

When Professor Lesley Regan, who is the president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, compared abortion to “getting your bunions sorted“, the sizable group of doctors struck back in an open letter to the professor.

The UK will soon be voting on a measure that will basically decriminalize abortion up to birth for any reason, and Regan is a huge advocate of this barbaric practice. In regard to the upcoming vote, Regan said:

“At the moment it’s illegal, it’s a crime, and it’s the only medical procedure which requires two doctors’ signatures. Theoretically a woman who procures an abortion by purchasing drugs online could be subject to a criminal prosecution and could face life imprisonment. It would be perfectly reasonable to have one doctor to sign consent like anything else. If you go and get your bunions sorted … you would go to a consultation … then you take a decision and the doctor who was competent to undertake the procedure would sign the form too, and that would go forward.”

Comparing ending a human life to removing a bunion was too much for these many doctors, apparently.

“We represent a variety of positions on the issue of abortion, but believe this motion is out of keeping with both our duties as responsible professionals and the expressed wishes of British women with regards to the legality and regulation of abortion,” the letter to Regan reads.

They said that the position that she is pushing on the RCOG, basically constitutes infanticide, as British women would be allowed to murder their viable in-utero babies at any gestational age.

Dr John Etherton, a GP and RCOG member himself, said: “It sounds very benign to say let’s decriminalize a procedure, it sounds acceptable, but the immediate implications are that it opens the gate for infanticide.”

Since 1967, abortion has been illegal without the consent of two doctors but the upcoming vote would overturn this.

Abortion is a crime against humanity and should certainly be banned all together. It is good to see doctors standing up against such a disgusting comparison, however, if one is opposed to abortion at a certain age, they should be opposed to it entirely.

We can only hope that this will start conversations in the UK that will lead to the logical conclusion that abortion is murder!