British TV Show Receives Massive Backlash After Promoting Pedophilia As “Age Gap Love”


Sometimes the assault on our values, our children, and everything good and moral is subtle, subversive, and serpentine. In other instances, however, they brazenly parade their shameful practices and ideas through society.

It’s one thing to shine a spotlight on hideous immorality, but it’s quite another normalize it.  But that’s exactly what Britain’s My5 network has done in an episode of their show, “Age Gap Love”.

The show features Beth and Andy, a couple who has “overcome” “age gap love.

“Originally a friend of her Mum and over the years became close to her children too,” the show explains of Andy, who is 44.

Beth is 16.

There aren’t many words that can be said with a clean conscience to describe how sickening it is to respond to this situation with anything other than scorn.

Although the age of consent in the UK is actually 16, hundreds of social media commentators responded to My5’s tone-deaf tweet and called it out for exactly what it is:

Several more astute Twitter users pointed out the fact that Andy is, in fact, a predator who very clearly groomed Beth from a young age. Instead of being held accountable for his abuse of this poor child, he gets a TV show out of it on a Viacom-owned network. Thankfully, many people let My5 have it:

As if this wasn’t bad enough, people in the UK can’t simply boycott the network responsible for this insane show. In Britain, citizens are required to pay a TV license in order to watch any television, even through online streaming services. You actually have to opt out of TV licensing, which may incur a home visit from authorities.

This is criminally insane. The people of Britain may not be forced to actually watch this disgusting normalization of pedophilia and child abuse, but they’ll certainly be forced to pay for it.

This is the clear result of just how radical the  leftist infiltration of government across the free world has become We are well past the early stages of this subversion in America and are now starting to see extreme leftism and the official endorsement of perversion infect our state and federal legislatures.


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