Brooklyn Library Hosts Gender Bending Event for Toddlers


Why is the left so obsessed with confusing little children about gender?

By their own language, it is apparently incredibly difficult to be gender confused, and this is why we should all bend over backward to agree with people who believe they are the opposite sex despite the simple reality of basic biology.

So why does this include confusing little children by teaching them that gender is malleable? Won’t that simply cause more confusion? Do they want more people to suffer from gender dysphoria? What’s wrong with teaching little kids to just treat other people with respect and kindness, is that so hard?


The Brooklyn Public Library is the latest location for yet another kid-friendly gender-bending extravaganza. And that’s pretty much the stated goal of “Genderful! “Exploring Gender Through Art” which took place in October and featured a transgender punk rock musician.

Laura Jane Grace, the lead singer of the band Against Me, collaborated with If You Want It, Ltd. and the Brooklyn Public Library to put on the event, which featured “zines” the children could make, readings of curated LGBTQ+ books, and signs declaring “GENDER IS OVER! If you want it.”

Speaking to NowThis Her, Grace explained why he felt it was important to confuse little children about gender.

If you think back to when you were in middle school and what sex ed was, and what a joke that class was, well, there was no gender class.

For kids, I feel like gender is a lot more fluid. It’s just something that’s not as a part of your daily existence or your interactions with your friends. And if you withdraw them from certain gender coding situations, kids are just kids when it comes down to it.

One more question: if gender is over, why the obsession with switching genders? Doesn’t a man pretending to be a woman simply adhere to a gender identity as well?

The If You Want It website has considered this question, claiming that while traditional gender roles are “violent” (?), “gender identity” is cool. Presumably, as long as it’s what you decide your gender is and not what your DNA, or “society”, dictates.

We think that society’s emphasis on assigned binary gender roles is harmful, damaging, and often violent, and this is a statement against that. However, by ‘gender’ we don’t mean ‘gender identities’ — we believe that people’s gender identities & expressions are valid and should be respected! We also don’t intend for this to imply that we currently live in a post-gender world: gendered violence & gender inequality are real and pressing issues that require lots of work to dismantle.

The particular nuance might be difficult for the toddlers who attended the event to handle.

Um, yea, all this nonsense is definitely too nuanced for toddlers…and also completely unnecessary and inappropriate. 

Whatever happened to reading a story, singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” and going home for a nap?

For the love of all things holy, can’t these kids just be kids?