Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner Gives Impassioned Pro-Trans Speech At Women’s March LA. Seriously.


On Saturday, former Olympian and transgender icon Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner took to the stage to give an impassioned speech on trans rights at the Women’s March in Los Angeles.

Donning a white blazer, lavender skirt, and heels, Jenner drove home the leftist talking point that transgender women and actual women can all coexist comfortably under the banner of “women.”

“Together as women, trans women and cis[gender] women, we have the power to influence our communities, our families, our friends and colleagues, and turn this country around!” he told the crowd, according to Deadline.

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Jenner also spoke on the plight of transgender racial minorities in America, citing a statistic from the HRC Foundation which states that at least 22 transgender people and gender non-conforming people were killed in 2019, 21 of which were black.

“The time is now. Women in Hollywood and across this nation are energized! It is damn time we stop the slaughter of trans women of color,” Jenner told the crowd.

So, there you have it, folks. The Women’s March is no longer a feminist organization.

I mean, really, can they do an ounce of justice to the definition of the word “feminist”—or even “woman” for that matter—if they allow a biological man to take the stage?

At what point in his “transition” did Jenner become qualified to speak on behalf of women after living the majority of his life as a man? Upon his self-identification as a woman? After altering his hormones? After mutilating his body? The logic here is just mindboggling.

Let’s be honest, folks, we all know the Women’s March is a joke. It’s nothing more than an assembly of leftists generating heat and fervor and recycling talking points.

Recent reports indicate that the march is dying out, and not a moment too soon. After all, when your organization is built upon burning a straw man (hint: there is no patriarchy in America) and allows anyone who slaps on a dress to take the stage, how long can you really remain relevant?

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