Brutal! Rose McGowan Attacked By Women’s March in Snowflake Showdown


Oh, how the whiny have fallen.

In an epic showdown over who is the most oppressed by the patriarchy, Women’s March founders have turned on Rose McGowan after she got into a shouting match with a transgender heckler during a recent public appearance.

See, being sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein and attempting to publicly speak about it is totally unfair to trans women because one is by default not doing enough for trans women by doing so. Obviously. I mean, you do know how intersectional politics works, right, Rose? Sheesh.

That was the complaint of the man-who-thinks-he’s-a-woman who attempted to disrupt McGowan’s scheduled talk at a Manhattan Barnes and Noble on Wednesday, which was covered by The Daily Wire:

After being repeatedly accused of not caring about transgender women and doing nothing for women, McGowan told the heckler to “f*** off” and expressed her frustration with being assigned “labels” due to immutable qualities.

“I’m mad that you put s*** on me because I have a f***ing vagina and I’m white or I’m black or I’m yellow or I’m purple. F*** off. All of us want to say it. I just do,” she told the audience.

She continued her tirade against the trans “woman”, leaving feminazi SJWs everywhere with a very tricky choice to make: who is a bigger victim, Rose McGowan or mentally ill men who pretend to be women?

Well, it didn’t take Women’s March founders long to decide. Despite the fact that the entire premise of their little vagina-hat-ridden marches contradict the intersectional politics of gender identity, they chose to side with the wannabe woman and issued this stern statement:

So, it’s official. Being mentally ill and demanding the world participate in your delusion is officially higher on the transactional pyramid (is it a pyramid? Nevermind, I don’t even care) than being an actual victim of sexual abuse.

Even feminists on Twitter found this to be way too far for the Women’s March, and criticized their overzealous nitpicking, as the Daily Wire reported.

The kicker? Without one single shred of irony, the Women’s March’s very next tweet was to commend Uma Thurman for her courage for speaking out, you know, four months after everyone else, about the sexual abuse she experienced as a millionaire actress in Hollywood.

Absolutely unbelievable.