The Brutal Witch Hunt Against a Christian Teacher Who Accidentally “Misgendered” A Student


There is a clear-cut leftist agenda that more and more Christians are waking up to. In short, it is “convert or be destroyed.”

That is exactly what is happening to this UK teacher, a devout Christian who nonetheless has gone to great lengths to try to be decent and respectful to his transgender pupils. In spite of this, his career is at risk and he’s under the microscope of the media.

To say this is political correctness gone too far would be a serious understatement, but what have we come to expect from the UK?

Joshua Sutcliffe is a 27-year-old math teacher from Oxford, UK, and also the pastor of Christ Revelation Church. When a female student who identified as a male transferred into his class, he says, he was not given specific instructions as to how to address her. So, rather than use the “him/he” pronoun, he simply referred to the student by her first name.

That is, until the fateful day he praised this young woman and her partner for a job well done during class.

“Good job girls” slipped out of Sutcliffe’s mouth, sealing his fate.

He was corrected by the student instantly and quickly apologized for his oversight. However, despite this clear goodwill and basic politeness, the student and her mother were unimpressed.

Six weeks later, the student’s mother filed a formal complaint with the school and he has since been suspended and is awaiting a disciplinary hearing.

All for accidentally referring to a girl as…a girl.

According to The Daily Mail, Sutcliffe has been investigated for several other incidents of misgendering (how many transgender students does this school have?!) and also making religious statements in class. Sutcliffe denies these allegations, saying all he has ever done is mention the anniversary of the Reformation in class and that he once held a Bible class after school, that ended promptly when he answered a student’s question about gay marriage from an honest biblical perspective.

He appeared on the British morning show This Morning recently where the hosts engaged him in a heated interview regarding his beliefs and the gender identity of his students.

It is clear this man is doing everything he can to be kind and polite to students suffering from gender confusion, but the school is asking far too much of him. He is still entitled to his personal beliefs and as he is still treating others with dignity and respect, what harm is there, really?

You can’t force everyone to see a boy when they look at a girl. There will always be those of us who refuse to deny basic biology and recognize that someone is confused, not the opposite gender.

Truth will always prevail in the end, no matter how much school administrators and society try to force untruths down our throats!