Bullies Were Picking On An 11-Year-Old Boy, So 50 Bikers Came Up With The Perfect Solution


When an 11-year-old repeatedly came home with “bumps and bruises”, his mother knew he was trying to hide that bullies were singling him out at school.

Tammy Mick’s son, Phil, finally confessed to her this summer that he was afraid of starting sixth grade because of the bullying he’d been subject to in the past.

“I stepped up as a parent and tried to get things taken care of,” Mick said.

A family friend, sales manager of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service Brent Warfield, heard about Phil’s trouble at school and decided to help.

“I met Phil and I met Tammy and she had told be about him getting bullied,” Warfield told ABC News. “I said, ‘Well next year get a hold of me and we can give him an escorted ride to school.'”

Warfield went on:

“When you hear an 11-year-old-kid talking about getting kicked and picked on all because they don’t have as much money or wear nice clothes, being overweight and then having an 11-year-old son myself, it reached down deep and hit me,” he said.

So the motorcycle salesman tapped his biker network via Facebook and got an overwhelming response.

And the morning of Phil’s first day of school, he got the surprise of his life: 50 bikers showed up at his door with school supplies and new clothes.

Then, they delivered the best gift of all: a biker gang escort to Phil’s first day of sixth grade.

“It gave him confidence,” he explained. “The middle school is a fresh start for him. I’ve talked to him several days since. He goes to school happy, comes home happy.”

Mick was moved by the team’s efforts to help her son.

“I wanted to cry, it was so heartwarming,” she added. “Every day, he talks about that ride. He said it was amazing. [To] Brent and all the riders who came, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them. They made my son very happy.”

We need more good news like this! The world would be a better place if people were willing to stand up and help the way Warfield and his friends helped Phil.

Source: ABC News