Busted!! Jeb Bush Staffer Behind the False Allegations of Moore…Was An Inside RINO Job All Along


The plot continues to thicken concerning the Roy Moore situation, as not only has one of his main accusers of sexual assault admitted to forging a yearbook — a critical piece of evidence in the case — but now we’ve discovered that a former Jeb Bush campaign staffer gave anti-Roy Moore information to the Washington Post.

Big League Politics initially broke the story after obtaining a series of text messages that implicate Miller’s involvement. Miller is the co-founder of a super PAC called America Rising.

The group was paid a substantial amount of money by the Republican National Committee and the Senate Leadership Fund last year during the presidential election. Miller has since moved on to work for the Definers, which are a major vendor for America Rising.

Miller is staunchly anti-Trump having served on Jeb Bush’s campaign helping with communications. This has helped to make him a Republican darling to left-wing Trump haters.

BLP has more details:

Big League Politics has obtained screenshots of a text conversation between Tim Miller and conservative writer Charles C. Johnson. In the conversation, Miller refers to “Beth.” He is referring to Beth Reinhard, a Washington Post reporter who has pushed the allegations against Moore.

The allegations that Moore pursued young teenage girls have been roundly criticized for alleged factual inaccuracy, and for the Democratic Party connections of at least one accuser.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is seen by insiders as fighting against Moore in favor of his Democrat opponent Doug Jones, who is also linked to Bush family strategist Karl Rove, according to insiders.

These text messages reveal a few things: the Republican Establishment’s relationship with the Post’s anti-Moore coverage, the cunning of writer Charles Johnson in trapping Miller, and former Bush staffer Miller’s cluelessness about how to conduct himself in the world of political subterfuge. Miller denied to BLP that he was involved in the Washington Post story “or any others where women spoke out about Judge Moore,” but the text messages below leave no doubt as to his involvement:


This is proof that the establishment on the right is terrified at the prospect of someone like Roy Moore, a man who sticks to his convictions and principles sitting in the Senate and will stop at nothing to keep him from winning the seat in Alabama.

It seems the GOP has long been infected with the same illness that has for many decades driven the Democrats to stoop to any low in order to stay in office, keep power, and get filthy rich off the back of tax payers.

Shameful to see people who claim to love liberty and freedom get wrapped up in the deceitfulness of politics so deeply they’re willing to assassinate a man’s character.