CA Bill Would Require Foster Children Given Hormone Blockers, “Gender-Affirming” Therapy if They Question Gender


There is a quiet epidemic of insanity in this country.

In just a few short years, we have gone from widely acknowledging that when a person believes they are a member of the opposite sex they are suffering from severe mental illness and treating this condition of such to using terms like “gender assigned at birth” and giving hormone blockers to five-year-olds and telling them they can be the opposite sex if they want to.

This is an unprecedented collective deception that is taking America by storm, and the degree to which those who are pushing this bizarre and twisted agenda is getting absolutely frightening.

The chosen victim of this absolutely demonic agenda is children. An entire generation is being brainwashed to think that gender is malleable and that taking synthetic, pharmaceutical drugs and getting plastic surgery when you’re too young to even vote is a perfectly normal way to live one’s life when in reality, gender dysmorphia is a harmful psychological condition that needs to be treated and addressed at the root cause.

The state of California is blowing previous attempts of the trans agenda to undermine parental authority out of the water with a blatantly biased and poorly supported plan to, in short, abuse and permanently damage young children who question their gender.

The California Family Council reports:

Two members of the California LBGT caucus have introduced a bill to make sure all foster care kids struggling with transgender feelings have access to “gender affirming” counseling, puberty blocking drugs, and sex-change operations. AB 2119‘s primary author, Assemblyman Todd Gloria, (D-San Diego) says foster kids deserve the right to health services that reflect their gender identity, so they can “grow up safe, healthy, and be exactly who they are meant to be.”

According to California officials, biological parents currently retain the authority to make medical decisions for their children while in foster care, unless the court alters those rights or severs parental custody. This bill overrides that authority and mandates California county child welfare agencies provide foster kids with transgender counseling, drugs, and surgery, even if a parent objects. The bill requires these services to be provided at “the request of a child or non-minor dependent, or his or her caregiver, attorney, Court Appointed Special Advocate, or social worker.”

The law also specifically prohibits counseling from “licensed professionals or any other individual” … “aimed at aligning a child’s or non-minor dependent’s assigned sex at birth and gender identity.” Stated simply, that means if a five-year-old boy starts referring to himself as a girl, he can only be encouraged to believe his self perceptions about his sex. No attempt should be made by anyone to tell the boy, he really is a boy, if his feeling say something else.

This is not only insane, it is tyrannical. To undermine not only the authority of a parent who may have only temporarily lost custody of their own children, but to limit a child so much that they never receive therapy from someone who actually knows what gender they are and out to be, is a blatant attempt by the transgender lobby to actually abuse children and prohibit them from getting the help they really need.

The California Family Council also notes the opinion of many reliable researchers who have found that little evidence exists that giving children access to hormone-blocking drugs at a young age is at all beneficial to their long-term well-being as an adult, and that often, children who question their gender as children often end up aligning with their biological gender once they reach adulthood.

Take. Action. NOW:

Please contact these California legislators and spread this article far and wide so we can rally together as many voices as possible for common sense and compassionate treatment of children. California’s laws often serve as a model for other states, so every American has an interest in preventing the wicked AB 2119 from passing.

Blanca E. Rubio (Chair) (D) – (916) 319-2048

Steven S. Choi, PhD.(Vice Chair) (R) –  (916) 319-2068

Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D) –  (916) 319-2031

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