CA Considers Bill Allowing Bio Male Inmates to Choose If They’re Housed In Women’s Prisons


As the madness considers to rage in the streets and our nation seems to nearly buckle under the weight of an ongoing pandemic and civil unrest ahead of the most decisive election of our lifetime, the transgender insanity continues.

Breitbart reports that a bill poised for approval in California would allow for biologically male prisoners to be placed into women’s prisons.

Activists say that for men who identify as women, i.e. “transgender women,” being in the general population of a male’s prison can be dangerous.

From San Francisco Chronicle’s interview with some of these men:

As a transgender woman, Jasmine Jones said California’s prison system constantly put her life at risk during the 17 years she spent behind bars by housing her among men.

Jones said she was assaulted repeatedly and raped three times in men’s prisons. Guards mocked her identity, Jones said, and forced her to undergo humiliating strip searches that exposed her in public.

“They weren’t going to protect me,” Jones said of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officers. “I knew that for a fact. The only person that was going to protect me was myself.”

The bill, SB-132, would allow inmates to choose which sex they’d like to identify as before being placed in prison, according to Breitbart.

“In most cases, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation now houses transgender and other gender-variant people in prisons according to their sex assigned at birth,” the Chronicle reported.

“Trans women, in particular, are at such extreme risk of brutalization in men’s facilities,” the bill’s author, State Sen. Scott Wiener said. “We need to treat them with the basic respect and dignity that they deserve.”

This is a dignity, apparently, that is only afforded those who claim to identify as a member of the opposite sex. Plain old female-identifying biological women inmates do not deserve protection from biological men being placed in their prisons.

It’s not hard to believe that men who identify as women would be targets for sexual assault in a male prison.

It’s also absolutely asinine to assume that biological women in women’s prisons would also not be more easily victimized by a biological man, gender identity notwithstanding.

We’ve reported on these cases in the past, such as the fully intact man who was placed in a woman’s prison and promptly assaulted a bio female inmate.

There is no reason our prison system can’t take steps to prevent sexual assault, but if that is to happen, keeping biological men away from women would be a very good place to start. Not end up.

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